Back from Vegas…

Wow! What an amazing trip…from the “mini-cities” that are the theme hotels on the Vegas strip, to the wild shows and entertainment to the stark beauty of AZ and the Grand Canyon…the highlight of the trip was taking a helicopter ride from the top of the canyon to the bottom…and I was in the co-pilot seat, shooting photos the whole way! Next was a boat ride down the Colorado River, then back up in the copter to the Skywalk. This glass bridge looked straight down into the canyon..what a bizarre feeling to stand with only glass between you and the floor of this natural wonder! The ride through the Joshua Tree forest was also great…these spiny trees look like something from another planet.

I’m still playing catch up from the trip but will have pics to post soon! I shot both digi and 35mm film photos.

3 thoughts on “Back from Vegas…

  1. mad says:

    Can’t wait to see the photos!!!

  2. Don says:


    You should have let me know you’d be here. It would have been nice to meet you. Glad you had a good trip. Sounds like you did more in your short visit than I’ve done here in the past few years. =) I look forward to seeing the photos.


    • laurencurtis says:

      Hey Don,
      I TOTALLY forgot you lived out there! Well, I’d love to go back, so maybe next time. It was a blast and yup, tried to do as much as possible in 4 days…hope to get pics up in a week or so..still catching up on everything.
      🙂 L.

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