Finally all caught up & ready to post Vegas & Grand Canyon photos!

Hello all and Happy Holidays! Well, it took a while to catch up with everything after I returned from my trip to Las Vegas & AZ, but I finally did it and now I can post the 1st photos from that incredible trip.

I’m including some colorful night shots of the lit-up Vegas strip. The hotels there are amazing…each one like a city unto itself! I’m also posting some shots I took from the front seat of the helicopter I took into the mouth of the Grand Canyon! This was awesome! The river shown is the Colorado River and it’s miles down from where the photo was taken! You can see the reflection of the copter windows in some of the shots to get an idea of where I was sitting. After landing, we all took a small boat down the river…beautiful! The copter shown wasn’t the one I was in, but very similar. I was also given permission by the Native American Indian Tribe on the reservation we visited to take photos of them in their ritual dress…these were shot on 35mm film so I’m waiting for them to get developed. I’ll also have more canyon shots, more Joshua Tree shots (one is posted here) and more Vegas pics.

Signed, matted photo prints are available! Price ranges from $25 – $75 depending on size (starts at 5×7 & up). Email me for details & thanks for reading!

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