A look at commissions.

Often times, people ask me what types of commissions I get as a full time artist. Some of my favorites are pet portraits (see photo), since I’m an animal lover, but I’ve also done historical illustrations, magazine artwork, greeting cards & T-shirts and more. But over the last 2 months I got 2 of the most unique, interesting commissions: One was to re-create an Alice In Wonderland scene, but making my client Alice and her cat the Cheshire Cat. As a big fan of the Alice story, this was a very fun project & the client was happy with the results. (see photo).

The 2nd project was part of the water conservation/education rain barrel art program (see previous blog) sponsored by an environmental science group at Rutgers. I was selected to paint on a huge, blue, 55 gallon barrel that will tour several areas of NJ and then go up for auction. This public art project will continue from Feb. into the Spring. I decided to paint a nature-goddess-floral image to depict my visions of nature and its preservation (see photos). Utilizing local artists to communicate positive environmental messages is an excellent way to get the community involved!

Hope you enjoy the images!

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