Victorian Sideshow Fascination!

So, lately I’ve been getting into creating mixed media, “Victorian Sideshow” art. I mean I’ve been very influenced by Victorian art and culture for a long time, and I’ve also been fascinated by old-fashioned side shows (like the one in Coney Island) for many years as well…maybe my own VERY long fingernails have had something to do with that? 😉 Well, several yeas ago I started this “modern icon” mixed media series (some can be seen on
But more recently, I’ve combined all of these influences and started another series based on the “Victorian Sideshow/Fantasy” theme (more can be seen on that same website.
In the age of “steampunk” style, the come-back of goth and the kind of anti-technology of the Victorian era in today’s overly techno world, it’s lead me to create these mixed media “mini-stages” using collage, photography, painting, found object, etc. The pieces are usually on wood or board and range in size from approx. 8″x10″ to about 24″x28″. I plan to do many more and have some new tricks up my sleeve for a new twist on the series, so stay tuned…
Here’s the newest piece: “Step Right Up!”

"Step Right Up!"

You're the star of the show!

3 thoughts on “Victorian Sideshow Fascination!

  1. What a great picture!

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