Blog swaps & guest posts

OK, now that I’m getting into full blog mode, it’s time to expand…after all, you guys would get kind of bored just reading about me, myself & moi! Not that I’m not all for self-promo, especially as a full time artist, but it’s always interesting trading info. with other creatives…then we can learn new things!

So, I’ve been expanding my links to include musicians, writers, artists & more and will have guest bloggers here as well! I was also invited to guest blog on other artists’ sites, so it’ll be a fun exchange.

Keep checking the links and the posts for new stuff from new people!
Blog on!

4 thoughts on “Blog swaps & guest posts

  1. Now thats what we call creative soaring! Surging ahead,while the rest are snoring.
    Every day and in every way LAUREN’S getting better and better….God Bless….PRINCE

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