1st Guest Blog Post

As I said in my last post, I’m now going to have some guest bloggers here to keep things interesting, so here’s the 1st one. I’m currently a guest blogger on his site as well, so check it out at http://artybuzz.com/blog/uncategorized/guest-blog-post/

Here’s the guest post:
“Branching Out in Art
(guest blog post by Richard Wilde of www.Artybuzz.com)

In the current economic climate, as everyone involved in the art knows, sales of art have gone down due to people having a lack of disposable income to spend on non essential items like art. It is therefore important in this current economic situation to seek new ways to branch out and find new markets and customers so that you can survive as an artist and carry on doing what you love.

One option that may be suitable for some artists and illustrators is to branch out into making other products, like T shirts for example. Although these are also non essential items, it adds another string to your bow of potential revenue streams coming in from buyers, so may be worth considering.

Many pieces of art can be used, or adapted, to be turned into a cool t shirt design that people would love to buy and wear. It’s also a pretty cool thought to imagine somebody parading your art around the street on their chest.

Making and selling tees is a great way to make money but also to get your work noticed in other circles and in other groups of people. There are loads of times when people ask where a T shirt was bought, people will obviously tell them that it was made by an artist (you!), and that person may then go Google you, or check out your art. So making and selling tees is actually a fantastic marketing and promotion tool, because you effectively have walking talking billboards walking down the street.

If you are looking to sell tees, a great place to start is Artybuzz.com, an artists community where you can sell your work as t shirts, giclee art prints, canvas art prints and other products for free. You don’t have to pay anything as they print for you upon purchase, so if you are a newbie looking to try out selling some tees or art online it’s worth checking out.”

2 thoughts on “1st Guest Blog Post

  1. Actually Lauren you’re right! I always look around and see Tee’s with poor
    quality prints on them,or some worn out cliche or decal on it.It’s time ,artists
    take their works to the common man on the street,that’s where the maximum attention is drawn ;to anything.
    God Bless

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