Spring has Sprung!!

Finally..Spring has arrived in NJ and it brought gorgeous weather…right in time for my Spring Equinox photo exhibit, on the equinox itself, 3/20, at Artisanal Tattoo Studio’s gallery (http://www.artisanaltattoo.com). The event was a big success and I sold 6 photos at the opening reception…great way to start the new season and inspire new work! (I’ve posted a few images exhibited at the show below).

So, for all you creative people out there…how does Spring inspire you? Do you start Spring Cleaning both in your home and studios? (I REALLY need to get that going!) Do you get a sudden burst of new ideas to work on? And this goes for all types of art; visual, writing, music, theater, etc.

I do find that with the nicer weather and increased light that I do feel more active and energized to create and work on new ideas…I just need a boost for the cleaning part, LOL. Another thing that starts increasing is the exhibit opportunities and art/craft fests, so that also forces me into work mode so I have new art & items to sell/show at these events…especially at events I do annually so I don’t keep showing up with the same ol’ stuff!

So, if you have comments, idea, tips for starting fresh in the new season and new ways to get the creative juices flowing, feel free to post your comments here & share them with the blogosphere!
🙂 ~Lauren

15 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung!!

  1. T.L. Anderson says:

    I am the type of person that can get sidetracked by the warm sunny weather.
    The rainy days of spring tend to cause me to stay in and get artwork done!
    As far as inspiration, I already have binders & folders full of that, and I only
    need the rain to express these ideas. I’s raining now so, I gotta’ go!
    Take care.

  2. Lauren C says:

    Thanks for your comment, TL! I know what you mean about the nice weather…but for me, having more hours of daylight lets me create later in the day than at other times of the year.
    Talk to ya soon!

  3. Ruth Borges says:

    I agree, with the days getting longer there seems to be a bit more time to get more done. Spring is a lovely time to take in the colors of the season. I visit a local botanic garden in the area for inspiration.

  4. Ruth Borges says:

    I’m in Los Angeles, and with our strange weather this year, I’m very glad spring is finally here! I look forward to my visits at a local botanic garden for inspiration. The colors of the season are on display and I can easily spend hours, walking, taking photos, journaling, or note taking for ideas for future art work.

    • laurencurtis says:

      Hi Ruth,
      Thanks for your comments! I’m sure you’ll get a ton of inspiration from the gardens! I also like to get out into nature and take photos or just walk and meditate. Happy Spring!

  5. SUSAN RODEN says:

    With the spring comes rain and after a storm the colors of the sky and clouds are beautiful. Just astounds me every time and love painting them. I do create all subject matter, yet during the spring I really focus on skies for feel so vitalized.

    I just begun a blog 2 weeks ago and creating mini skies. Would please love comments: http://susanroden.blogspot.com

    Thank you!

  6. nice blog. keep up the good work.

  7. Saurabh says:

    Hello Lauren,

    See i am not an artist but i love to watch nice paintings and near future i am planning to open my own start-up for paintings and other handicraft items.
    I have visited in so many exhibitions. right now on what theme you are working ? is it spring ???

    • laurencurtis says:

      Hi Saurabh,
      Thanks for reading my blog and for your comment! We artists need people like you, appreciating our work! 🙂 Currently I do have work in 2 Spring-themed exhibits but I’m also working on several mixed media pieces in my Mystics & Mourners series as well as a new photo collage series. You can see samples on http://www.laurencurtisart.mosaicglobe.com .
      Take care.

  8. Elly Prestegaard says:

    Hi Saurabh,
    what a nice blog about inspiration.
    Spring make me wake up again as an artist, after a loooong periode under the frozen carpet. My last post at ARTGARDEN is about spring;
    The Goddess of New Life talking to her people (plants).
    “Wake up and start the long journey! The deep sleep is over, and we are all going to fulfill our mission. Most of us will succeed. We have to accept though that there will be losses. Living under changing conditions, some of us will not survive the moisture. Others will be strangled and ruined by greedy neighbors. In this….etc ”
    please see her full speach and see the pictures in my blog ARTGARDEN. As we are part of nature it works for people as well!
    best from Elly


  9. Hi Lauren! I can’t help myself. When Mother nature beckons me I must answer! It is in my blood:) The chubby bumble bee tucking herself into a folded old leaf from last fall, the swallowtail butterfly coming to visit my garden today for the first time, my flowers awakening….all these things inspire me, my art and my creativity. As “Daughters of Gaia” I believe we are meant to be inspired by the beauty that surrounds and connects us, expressing that celebration and spirituality through art.

    I have done spring cleaning and will do some more. PLus cleared out some things I no longer need anymore. Opening the windows brings in new air. I have converted over to eco-friendly (organic) cleansers and they are really good. Plus my tweets on twitter are happy:) This morning I walked outside barefoot and felt the earth beneath my feet, what a joy.
    I enjoyed reading what your wrote and love your nature photos.
    “Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~Kahlil Gibran


    • laurencurtis says:

      Hi Liza,
      Thanks so much for what you wrote about Spring inspiration….really beautiful and inspiring! There are a ton of those chubby bumble bees buzzing around my balcony and I’m just waiting a LITTLE longer, to insure any frosts are done, to get a bunch of flowers out there…that’ll make the bees happy! I’m glad you like my nature photos and I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on my blog…stay tuned..more coming soon!
      🙂 Lauren

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