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  1. Hello, I saw your comment on Visual Artists…and decided to hop over to your blog. Yes, even though I have been professional as a painter, educator, author and performer for over thirty years, I still find myself holding my breath…while I am waiting. Somehow, I believe this is part of it all and that if I were not excited I would become over confident and totally complacent! I do meditate as well and I stay positive. I’m sure that much of what manifests is because I believe it it going to manifest! In fact I know this is true. So it has become much easier over the years! The degree of holding my breath is less and less. When I catch myself doing this, I begin to take healthy big breaths! What can I say….trust in your process….believe in yourself…don’t let other’s opinions stop you from creating what you know is your truth and all will be fine. I wish you all the best! Please feel free to link to my blog and/or my website. I’ll include them here. Laara WilliamSen Oh and I’ll include the exhibition I am part of as well!

    • laurencurtis says:

      Thanks so much, Laara, for the insightful, positive comment! I’ll definitely check out your blog and add my links! Feel free to send me an add on LinkedIn as well!
      šŸ™‚ Lauren

  2. Hi Lauren
    Well, I am an interdisciplinary artist, graduated from Emily Carr in 1988. I consider my main discipline painting, however this past year I was employed by Headlines Theatre Co. as an improv drama person and I am also writing a catalogue for a London gallery right now. Really though, I have mainly focused on my painting over the years. I love to paint with my fingers, the immediacey (is that spelled right! who knows!) of the paint and those paintings have alot of raw color and texture. Right now Iā€™m painting nebulas, etc., the universe, and I am using a brush for the first time in years, letting the layers dry and then applying more paint. It is so much fun! Last year I exhibited in a group show in Hilo, Hawaii. If you are interested in seeing my paintings you can visit my web site at http://laarawilliamsen.yolasite.com and you can also visit my profile at http://ca.linkedin.com/in/laarawilliamsen. I really love Linked In as I have joined several on line art groups through Linked In and get a lot of feedback and good exchange from this. Iā€™m going to check out the rest of your links now! All the best, Laara Ps if you are a member of Linked In let’s join each other’s contact groups !

    • laurencurtis says:

      Hi Laara,
      Nice website! I love the nature/tree paintings..very free & organic! Thanks for sharing your links and info. We’re now connected via blogs (hope you subscribed to mine…I signed up for your last week šŸ™‚ and on LinkedIn. I appreciate all your comments and wish you much success with your work!
      Talk to you soon,

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