Get Your Freak On! In Boston!

Hi All…well, my art is really getting around this month and I’ll have a piece in the cool, “lowbrow” Boston gallery, Space 242. Lowbrow art is finally getting the recognition it deserves, and as a long-time fan, and sometimes creator, of & in this style, I’m so excited to have a piece in this new exhibit! If you’re in the Boston area, please check out this 100 artist show…and take some photos for me…would be so cool to post them here!!
Here’s all the info. & I’ve included the flyer & my accepted mixed medium piece!

GET YOUR FREAK ON! Celebrating Circus Folk, Carnies & Sideshow Freaks
Music/Arts – Opening
Start Time:
Friday, April 30, 2010 at 6:00pm
End Time:
Friday, May 21, 2010 at 8:00pm
SPACE 242, Boston’s Lowbrow Destination
Final Fridays Continue at SPACE 242!
Celebrating Circus Folk, Carnies & Sideshow Freaks
Featuring Work by Over 100 Artists in Many Mediums (see full list below)

April 30-May 21, 2010
Opening Reception Friday, April 30, 6-8pm
To attend, RSVP at

Artist Talk Friday, May 21st, 7-8pm
Gallery Hours Fridays 6:30-8pm

Alyssa Adams, Brian Patrick Adams, Stephen Andersen, Marietta Apoloino, Amanda Atkikns, Jessica Baer, Allison Bamcat, Josh Baptista, EJ Barnes, Jeff Bartell, Sean Bixby, Jade Bojkovik, Lindsey Boss, Craig Bostick, Kristin Boucher, Matt Brecke, Rocco Britalini, Scott Bruns, Kwesi Budu-Arthur, KC Burney, Alex Carlson, Keenan Cassidy, David Christopher, Amanda Clarke, Derek Coss, Allison Cowell, Michael Crockett, Ed Curran, Mary Curtin, Lauren Curtis, Mick Cusimano, Kelly Davidson, R Davis, Joseph Dellgatta, Sarah Dolan, Ryan Dubois, Christopher Elsasser, Enid Esmond, Jyll Ethier-Mullen, Logan Faerber, Jamie Fales, Lori Faridi , Andy Fish, E. Stephen Frederick, Ashley Freeland, Michael Georgeson, Matt Gilpin, Darren Goldman, Tom Grady, Brian Gubicza, Julian Guzman, Veronica Hebard, Ariele Hertzoff, Jeff Horwatt, Olivia Ives-Flores, Andrew Jacob, Jason Kan, Patt Kelley, Nicole Kelly, Sarah Kim, Derek Kouyoumjian, Chelsea Lane, Scott Lefton, Jennifer Lewis, Vanessa Ly, Nathalie Magri, Bob Maloney, John Maneval, Geoff Marian, Joey Mars, Joanna Matuck, Greg Mautafis, Matt McKee, William McKee, Jacob Miller, Gregery Miller, Edward Monovich, Tyler Moran, George Motta, Judi Muscara Orfanos, Jane O’Hara, Greg Orfanos, Dana Pearson, Rhonda Ratray, Doug Richardson, Derek Ring, Britany Rode, Heather Rose, Caitlin Ryan, Felisia Sainz, Toni Lee Sangastiano, Jacob Santa-Cruz, Evan Scannell, Jermey Schultz, Lisa Scollan, Jessica Scott, Walter Sickert, Kris Smith, Robert Stearns, Lydia Stein, Ken Stewart, Stones, Cole Swaveley, Adam Swinbourne, Jared Tharpe, Paul Timmons, Tom Torrey, Katherine Waddell, Paul Weiner, Aaron White, Bob Wilson, John Wiltshire, Christopher Wright, Sojung Yu

2 thoughts on “Get Your Freak On! In Boston!

  1. Mark says:

    This is really evocative work!

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