DiggityBomb! Cool site I have work on:

Hey everyone,
As most of you know, Facebook has become THE way to network, market, get exposure (for artwork, etc. not THAT kind of exposure…where’s your mind at?? LOL) and I’ve met some great people on this site. One is known as TangenT Noir and he started a FREE on-line shop for indie/alternative artists and musicians called DiggityBomb, and he was kind enough to invite me to start my own shop featuring my gothic photography. Soon, I hope to add some of my T-shirts & greeting cards as well. Thanks to TangenT Noir, I now have a new online store for some of my gothic photography! Here’s the link:

Please check it out and see all the unique, talented people on the site and fan DiggityBomb on Facebook!
Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in my shop…

2 thoughts on “DiggityBomb! Cool site I have work on:

  1. ellypropelly says:

    great, i hope you sell a lot! I see you are into cemetery scenes. There is an old one in London. You can only visit in small groups with a guide. It is pure magic. Cannot remember the name, but I can easily find it. took quite a few shots there a couple of years ago.

    • laurencurtis says:

      Thanks, Elly!
      Yes, I love shooting photos in interesting cemeteries…I’ve been to London a few times but sadly didn’t get to many cemeteries…would love to see some of the photos you took!

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