Gothic Art & Funerary Artifacts; a Halloween “dream” show!

Happy Halloween, Everyone!!!
As many of you know, I currently have a solo exhibit on display at the Scwenkfelder Cultural Center in Pennsburg, PA (it’ll be up until March 13, 2011 so if you missed the ghost-filled opening reception, there’s still time to view the exhibit!). Well, given the gothic subject matter of the show (titled “Passing On: Autumn Requiem”) I figured I’d post this blog during one of my favorite times of the year…and an appropriate time…HALLOWEEN!
So, here’s a brief article written by the curator, Candance Perry, about the museum & the show…and some photos I took of the event! Enjoy…and BOO!

The Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center in Pennsburg, Montgomery County, PA – just a bit over an hour’s drive from Philly on a good day – has a traditional mission to interpret the heritage of the Schwenkfelders, an 18th century German Protestant group, and the people of the Perkiomen region in southeastern PA. Generally we do programs and exhibits related to this history, plus programming related to PA Dutch culture, but it’s fun to step outside of that box and offer our visitors something else. That’s just what I hoped for with our current exhibit of Lauren’s work.

I wanted to be able to use Lauren’s art as a jumping off point for an exhibit of funerary and mourning artifacts in the collection, and with her help I selected a group of intriguing objects – including a 19th century ice casket – and also attired some mannequins in 19th century black dresses, to give the appearance that the mannequins were visitors to the exhibit. A theme started to emerge not merely of the gothic, spooky aesthetic, but more of a visual discussion – I hope – of themes of mortality and the passing of time. Actually, as it is this thread is most significant to our PA Dutch folk, who themselves led spiritual lives that we are pretty much out of touch with in the 21st century. A common motto used by the Schwenkfelder, Mennonite and other early Germans is O Edel Herz Bedenke Dein Ende – which essentially means “Oh Noble Heart, Think on Your End.” The promise of what lies beyond your time on earth shapes the choices you make and the paths you take.

Candace Kintzer Perry
Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center
All photos (c)2010 Lauren Curtis

6 thoughts on “Gothic Art & Funerary Artifacts; a Halloween “dream” show!

  1. Lauren, this Museum presentation is absolutely stunning! So elegant, historical and spooky! Congratulations! Laara WilliamSen

  2. Thanks Laara..that’s exactly the feel we were going for! Happy Halloween!

  3. Mark says:

    Its a really cool setting for your work! Very Elegant!

  4. its stunning…………………….

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