Healing with words; an artist’s poetic ode to her mother.

Today I’d like to post a blog about my friend (& artist/writer) Gail Whitter’s newly on-line published book, A Time for Ashes . In this long-time compilation of touching poems, as well as a few visual pieces, Gail addresses the intense and difficult emotions a family goes through when the matriarch is faced with cancer.

Here’s the intro. to the book, written by Gail’s friend who helped get this book out to the world online:

What this book tells me is that there is a story behind every death by cancer; that there is a real person with important things to say about her life – as a patient, her medical care and about being a woman within that context. It is also about noticing and being eternally grateful for the tender loving care of her daughter and knowing, knowing she can do nothing to ease her loss, or to stop her own leaving. It is also about setting the record straight before she leaves. This is a very powerful book, a very important book because it is breaking one more of the silences, the silence that women do not drop weakly into the hereafter, but more often than not, take care of business, say what they need to say to those they most love and then walk bravely into the void; that they cope first with incredible pain and the ugliness of this horrendous disease and are often fed up and angry with the platitudes of their medical caregivers and wish only for honesty and straight talk.

It also says that family members only become more of what they have always been. The weak stay weak and betray and fail to change even to the end, do not say goodbye or help in their loved-one’s care, while the strong and the true are exactly that, even to changing dressings and standing watch until the final hour. And then finally, it is about how that love carries on; how even death does not end it, and we each in our own way have to find the exorcism we require to come to terms with it.
– M.B.

Here’s the direct link to this meaningful, heartfelt book; it’s FREE to read the entire publication!!: http://www.scribd.com/doc/44648034/A-Time-for-Ashes

8 thoughts on “Healing with words; an artist’s poetic ode to her mother.

  1. gail says:

    hi lauren … can’t thank you enough for your support of this book … if the words can help just one person … daughter, mother, father, son, sister, brother, grandma, friend … then it will be a blessing …

    blessings to you girl for sharing the link xxoo

    love and light always my freind


  2. Thank you for sharing this moving introduction to your friend’s book. I’m sure it will be appreciated my many.

  3. Gail, it’s my pleasure to help you out…this book deserves to be read and appreciated…I know it will help many going through similar situations!!!
    And as always, thanks to Laara for your positive energy & comments!
    Hugs to you both, my Canadian sisters!

  4. Lauren ~ Thank You for getting Gail’s book out in the world. You are a force to be dealt with in your clarity of what is really important in this life. Gail, Thank You for the true beauty of your work. I survived breast cancer but have watched the moment-by-moment fear & anger & defeat & yes, the miracle of the human spirit in the process & the wake left behind by the loved ones of the many I knew who didn’t. I am moved to tears by the voice & visuals in this work as I force my fingers to move from page to page ~ partially not wanting to see more but knowing I must. Not one but many will be blessed by you giving a voice to your experience.

    • laurencurtis says:

      Kym, thank you so much for this amazing comment about Gail’s book…and I’ll be sure she sees it as it will mean so much to her not only that you took the time to read the book but to write such a personal, moving statement about it!
      And thank God/dess that you survived breast cancer and remain so positive and driven in your art and your life! Bright Blessings to you & have a magickal holiday!

    • Gail D Whitter says:

      hi kym … thank you for your heartfelt words and for sharing your experience. i am honoured to hear you are a survivor who, despite continuing to witness the moment-by-moment fear, anger, defeat , still recognizes the power and miracle of the human spirit. Knowing there were tears shed, touches me at a soul level … and tells me that the words are the right ones. It is my intent/hope/wish that this book will reach the ones who need it and even those who think they don’t … that my Mother/my Self’s story will free and permit other women to speak their Truth, their journey, their story and to know they are NOT alone.

      bless you my friend


      • laurencurtis says:

        As you were writing this Gail, I was emailing you about that beautiful comment left by Kym….so glad you read it! I knew your book would touch people’s lives!!!

  5. Gail D Whitter says:

    synchronicity! i was wondering how your comment got there before mine! blessings to YOU my dear sweet friend and to kym … may love, light and peace surround you both.

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