The “Big Easy”; coming back from hard times.

The Big Easy, NOLA, N’Awlins, NEW ORLEANS! However you say it, I LOVE THIS CITY!! It’s mystical & magical, wild and raunchy, historic and creative, and most of all, unique! I’ve traveled to this favorite destination 7 times…1st was in the late 70’s (or maybe it was early 80’s) and the last time was Nov. 2010 and I’m happy to say that after all this special place has endured (often with little help from the outside) it’s as awesome as ever!

The NOLA people don’t quit…their spirit and energy are as strong as ever and the French Quarter and Garden District (of course, the tourist areas) are pretty much back to what they were before the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, but as many locals told me, areas like the 9th Ward and other lower income areas appear as if they were hit by the horrible storms last week! This is unacceptable that this is allowed in this country…this city was the birthplace of so much music; Jazz, Blues…for a wide range of artists, for spiritual beliefs, for gorgeous architecture that melds French, Spanish and other influences in the structures that are uniquely New Orleans. NOLA is like no other city I’ve visited in the US or Europe (not to say there aren’t tons of other amazing cities out there but once you’ve been to N’Awlins, it gets in your blood….you either LOVE it of hate it…I’m of the former feeling.

So, I thought I’d share with you a photo essay of images I shot over the years, both digital and 35mm film, in this city so you can see it through my eyes and maybe journey down to the Big Easy yourself for the experience & to help restore this magical place to it’s full glory.

As the folks there say “Laissez les bon temps rouler!” (Let the good times roll! Says it all!)

By the way, I also have a photo book about NOLA available…here’s the link & I’ve included a photo of the cover.
For more info. please feel free to contact me!
Enjoy & thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “The “Big Easy”; coming back from hard times.

  1. Absolutely awesome Lauren. I loved your writing about New Orleans and the photos are so unique! Although I have never been there, I now really want to go there! It is a must on my list of places to see! The book is a real treasure and for those who can’t visit or wish to feed their memories it will be a joy to own! Wishing you much success!

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