Guest Blog: Low Sea; Eclectic Music from Across the Sea

Facebook has become a great way to meet other creative people from across the globe and I recently met the alternative musical duo, LOW SEA, just this way!  I was intrigued with their style so invited them to guest blog.  Here’s some background facts:

Ireland-based duo Low Sea combine warped seasick-shoegaze, nostalgic pop melody and fuzzed-out dreampop, all cemented on a solid krautrock platform. With sounds that reference everything from Suicide to Spacemen 3, A.R.Kane to Mazzy Star, Giorgio Moroder to The Big Pink, Low Sea?s songs are a hazy journey between looming shadows and bleached-out light”.

Music for rendering subconscious dream walking and emotional free-fall. A female vocal reminiscent of `The Passions` from the early Eighties almost gives Low Sea a similar lovelorn feeling, right down to the fabulously over indulged guitar echoes and electronic back-beat. A panoramic lesson in Post-Digital Pop.

And now in their own words…
Low Sea was born on a summer night in 2008 in the south of France. At the beginning we put together a 4-piece band. Over the course of time, the line-up went through some changes, but the Billie and I soon felt we wanted to remain a duo. Although we knew this would mean more work for us in terms of playing gigs, etc, it would be worth regaining the creative freedom.
When we started out, the sound was more in the vein of Shack, early Primal Scream, The Velvet Underground, Jesus & Mary Chain, Love, Brian Jonestown Massacre … it was initially a more acoustic, hazy, neo-psychedelic sound. There is still some of that in what we’re doing now, though we’re more open to experimentation with electronic/vintage keyboards, and even heavier percussive sound and motorik beats. We’ve now being more compared to bands such as The Horrors, Mazzy Star, Spacemen 3, and even darker and krautrock bands such as Neu!, Joy Division and Bauhaus.

We’ve released two albums so far. The first one, Las Olas, was a self-release. We put a lot of effort into creating something different, collectible… We designed the artwork for it, and are keeping it a limited edition. That’s available exclusively through our Myspace at, or it can be digitally downloaded at iTunes or CDbaby. The second, mini album called “The Light” was released in September in the US through Lefse Records ( ). We’re at the moment waiting for an official Europe release of “The Light” so we can set off on tour. Would love to play The States one day as well if there would be enough fans who’d like to see us perform live.

2 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Low Sea; Eclectic Music from Across the Sea

  1. Wow! I listened to “Falling” from The Light Album! Really awesome! Thanks for sharing this Lauren and I wish the group tons of success!

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