Marjorie’s Mystical Mandalas & More (guest artist)

Happy Solstice everyone!  The seasons are changing so quickly but bring new creative inspiration!  So thought I’d start the summer off with a guest blog from my friend and gallery director, Marjorie Kaye.

Marjorie is the director of Caladan Gallery ( and has represented my work for several years.  I love working with her…she always comes up with the most interesting, thought-provoking themes for her exhibits, and many of these themes she explores in her own art work.  So, I’d like to share it with you along with her own words about her creations & hope youll check out the gallery online as well!

My paintings and sculptural forms address directional flow. Layers of color and form are applied, the birth and rebirth of energy and rapid movement. Here is an interplay of all aspects of metamorphosis, emotional and existential; a dialogue between the natural world and human-constructed environment. The work starts as pure gesture, the infrastructure of elements of the eternal essence of both the natural world – wind and fire specifically – and the accompanying components of human emotion and spirit

The spark of consciousness borne in primitive societies were understood through adoration and worship of the natural world as the harboring of spirit and intrinsic knowledge. Humankind and the natural world were interlocked, a One-World, inseparable elements of cohabitation. Somewhere, we, as denizens of this One-World, began the drifting, and the result is that the majority of the “advanced” populations are existing in a world of their own making, one of destruction, attainment and ego-self only. This, as we know, has dire consequences both for the earth and for ourselves. The earth is in a state of unrest. Contemporary populations are in a state of continuous angst. We are destroying that which sustains us

The components of my work strive to express a balance between human and natural evolution; the most obvious example is the sculptural piece “A Place for Metamorphosis”, in which the actual work will be a home base for developing caterpillars. This piece will be part of an invented ecosystem dedicated to this process; plants, nectar, all being essentially connected to the form of the sculpture

Both paintings and some of the sculptural pieces start with a layer of thin gouache on archival board, from which forms and textures emerge. These are either brought out with more gouache and oil pastel, accentuating line and color, or left to the richness of the surface color. They are mounted on plywood and either layered as a 2-D or 3-D surface. Some sculptural pieces are made up of pure, organic plywood forms, juxtaposed and layered to develop depth of surface and shadow.

All of my work is very heavily influenced by the elements present in the natural world. I am riding an existential tailwind; the motion of air, water, fire, and the continuity represented by the earth are equally present in my process, as well as the finished work. I reflect on being an invited presence in this natural symphonic universe, made of the same matter and light, equally as complex as the stars.

2 thoughts on “Marjorie’s Mystical Mandalas & More (guest artist)

  1. Brilliant commentary. I couldn’t agree more! And the art works are equally brilliant in intention and execution. Very best wishes

  2. Thanks, Laara..I’m sure Marjorie will be thrilled!

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