Giclee Secret! New guest blog:

Hi Readers!

Time once again for another talented guest blogger…many artists choose to reproduce their images as high quality giclee prints but it has to be done right, and Vitely Geyman is an expert so here’s some helpful info. from him:

The Secret to My Giclee Art Prints Composition
People often ask me how I produce my multi-layered giclee art prints. Well I am happy to share that because I want other artist to grow and learn just like I benefited from others wisdom. My secret is that I spend a lot of time developing the background layers. Just as much time if not more as the front of the composition. I often photograph odd objects like walls, cracked pavements even ceramic vases. One never knows where you are going to get an exciting texture. Then I carefully choose an appropriate texture for the flower. It is is the flower that dictates the the background texture not the other way around. So there you have it that’s the whole secret, plus three or four hours for each composition and 5,000 compositions down the track and there you have it. One more thing I am not afraid to bin a good half of my composition just because it does not meet my own standard. Then I print my giclee art prints on museum quality archival paper, guaranteed to last for 100 years under glass. Each print is unique, each inspected for quality.

Vitaly Geyman
Art Prints America

541-482-9166 office
“Unique Nature Art”

One thought on “Giclee Secret! New guest blog:

  1. Laara WilliamSen says:

    Thank you for sharing your information with us! It sounds like you have a very good way of working with the materials and then reproducing them in a high quality format to your specifications. All the best to you!

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