I’m on TV! My ODD 15 min. of fame has arrived.

EXCITING NEWS! My episode of Science Channel’s ODDITIES TV show will be airing THIS Saturday Jan. 21, 9:30!! 15 min. of fame has arrived!  The awesome Oddities crew, including Obscura shop owner Evan, arrived at my house this past August (it does resemble the Addams home) to check out my “X-RAYted” digital photo collage series but ended up leaving with an amusingly odd item….watch and see!!

Well, maybe time to “buy my art while it’s hot” because who knows what will happen next…might even have to raise prices for the 1st time in years!?  😉

Enjoy the show!  And if you missed it it’s in OnDemand (in Comcast at least) & you can see some or all of it here: http://science.discovery.com/videos/oddities-fingernails-and-just-for-males/

🙂 Lauren
http://www.LaurenCurtisArt.com(commercial & fine art)
http://www.laurencurtisart.mosaicglobe.com(fine art, photography, art updates)
http://www.laurencurtis.imagekind.com(cards, T-shirts, photography, illustration)

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3 thoughts on “I’m on TV! My ODD 15 min. of fame has arrived.

  1. YAY! That is wonderful news about your television appearance, Lauren! Congratulations!

  2. laurencurtis says:

    Thanks Linda and Laara!!

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