Spring Equinox Treat

Happy Spring, Vernal Equinox, Ostara, Eostre…whatever you call it, for those of us on the East Coast of the US, we never really had a Winter but an extended Spring/Autumn-esque season.  Not that I’m complaining about the unusually mild weather but when you really think about it the longer term implications are kind of scary…will our Summer be filled with 150 degree days???  OK, I’ll try not to think about that and just enjoy these oddly balmy Spring days…it has been beautiful out there and the early flowers have been in bloom for a few weeks already.  To honor the new, light-filled season, my good friend and book cover design client, Vila Spiderhawk  (yup, she’s commissioned me to design covers for ALL of her awesome books!) has written the following guest blog to share with you so take it away Vila…and if you like this little blurb, buy her books (they’re only 99 cents online!!!) and you’ll be doubly impressed!!

Becoming Maiden in the Spring

Every time the seasons change, I will honestly assert that the upcoming one is my favorite.  Ask me at the end of May, and I’ll compose a loving ode about my jungle of a garden in July.  But in August, my poem will be colored red and orange and scented with the crisp perfume of apples. And just before December, I’ll create a rhapsody about the beauty of the icicles dangling from the trees, about the purple-shadowed snow, about the quiet.  Every season has its beauty and its purpose and its joy, particularly here in the woods.

Now, rushing headlong into spring, the geese are honking merrily while songbirds brag about their newly woven nests.  The pussywillows are in bud, and bulbs have thumbed their way up and are stretching toward the latticework the boughs make for the sun.

Every year about this time, I shed my Cronely meditation with my sweaters and my mittens and my parka.  An effervescent exhilaration giggles in my heart at all the opportunities about to bloom.  I spread my arms out to the forest, send my love to all the fairies, to the creatures, to the plants, and to the glorious belief that every wonder I can dream is possible.

The giddy little girl in me plays hide and seek among the trees, a flash of color peeking from the leafless woods.  Spinning this way and that, leaping over obstacles as if they were just part of the game, she wafts out story lines like bubbles, watches as they burst or land, celebrates their fluid roundness and their brilliant rainbow hues.

But when one flies, survives and thrives, and rises through the branches’ gauntlet to the sky, a joy as rich as childhood envelopes me.  And, I am Maiden through and through, discovering truth in “let’s pretend”, a truth as strong and pure and reckless as the spring.

Vila SpiderHawk, author of five works of fiction and three cookbooks, lives in the woods of Pennsylvania with her husband, their four house cats, and their many woodland friends.  Contact her at http://www.vilaspiderhawk.com

 With memory we can relive special moments, we thought we’d lost.  Just a scent, a word, an old china doll can bring those special moments back.  Join the characters in Short Stories as they relive the special times of their lives.

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6 thoughts on “Spring Equinox Treat

  1. Thank you for posting this, Lauren. I hope it brings much pleasure to your readers.

  2. laurencurtis says:

    My pleasure Vila…your guest blogs are always creative and inspiring…hope everyone will buy your books…for 99 cents you can’t go wrong!

  3. You know what, Lauren? You’re right. It’s a SUPER price for what you’re getting!

    • Deb, according to my email you made a comment about the lack of winter on the east coast. But I don’t see it here. Nonetheless, I’m responding to it. I too enjoyed the extraordinarily mild winter months. However, the larger implications of this frighten me too. I don’t understand why people are determined to deny the fact that we are destroying this planet. That fact seems undeniable to me. And just exactly what planet do they intend to live on (on the “off” chance that they are wrong)? Maybe they’ll all go to Newt’s lunar colony!

  4. Hey Deb! Glad you enjoyed it!

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