Meet The Great Electric Traveling Theatre

When music and art combine, especially across the seas,  great things happen…this is the 4th collaboration I’ve had with UK musician Mark Sheppard where I create artwork to fit with his original electronic musical composition; this time he selected a NYC photograph I shot for the cover of his latest album and I wanted to share info about it with you in his words:

I was experimenting with vintage electronica, very much influenced by Kraftwerk. This first release ended up stylistically and sonically as a homage to this great pioneering Electronica band. The tracks themselves were culled from around ten ideas for a proposed project with Xenia Beliayeva which didn’t come to fruition, hence the strange track labeling (X-3, X-4, X-5, X-7). The tracks were built up using vintage synth emulations of Moogs, Jupiter 8 and Oberheims from  Arturia (French Synth Company) and sat around gathering dust for a couple of years. I went through all ten tracks and molded the four on the EP into a more Kraftwerky feel. The remainder were either dumped or are being used in other projects – like for example X-1 which Donna Gardier (Sting, Westlife, Tinchy Strider) has worked up into a dance tour de force!

I finally found some royalty-free samples of Germanic phrases to complete the vibe and hey presto….’X’ was born! The first release from ‘The Great Electric Traveling Theatre’.

Mark Sheppard
the Offering

For samples and to order:<a href=”” target=”itunes_store”><img src=”” alt=”X – EP – The Great Electric Travelling Theatre” style=”border: 0;”/></a>

Download X.jpg (876.6 KB)

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