AMBIENCE and ENERGY FIELDS; a new exhibit

Wow, it’s already September and almost Autumn!  This month I’m exhibiting artwork in an event literally every weekend so I thought I’d share some of them with you.  Here’s a show you can all check out sitting in the comfort of your home as it’s online…I have several of my “X-RAYted” digital photo collage pieces in this show, one is featured on the postcard below!

CALADAN GALLERY presents a juried exhibition of 8 national artists entitled “AMBIENCE and ENERGY FIELDS”. There are pockets of energy all around us, both seen and unseen. Radio waves, televisions waves, microwaves; all of these influence light, matter, energy, and life itself. It influences consciousness, and decisions. It is reflected directly and indirectly in art and music. It stems from, also, planetary energies and the hidden messages of the cosmos. It manifested through Bach, in the repetition of sound, as well as the sound of rain as it reaches and permeates the earth. The work selected for this exhibition ranges from the subtle surface to the literal translation. It is the suggestion of the perpetual nature of motion that identifies and illustrates this exhibition.

Solo exhibition artist GEORGE SHAW writes of his sculpture: “In a moment everything changes. The past is changed and the future is transformed. All is revealed and the sky looks different. That moment acts as a portal into the possible. The Buddhists refer to this as kensho. This recent series of work is an exploration of that moment. Most of the paintings are 12”X12”, with multiples approximately the same size. I have kept this scale to invite a personal exploration of a moment. The paintings are treated as objects and are not intended to be pictorial representations of a portal or the Moment, but as an impression or idealization of a particular moment in time. “In Time, All Will Be Revealed”.”  These exhibitions will be on-line at from September 1 – 30, 2012. For more information, please call (617) 838-8929 or email us at

Of my work in this show, gallery director Marjorie Kaye says:  Works by gallery member Lauren Curtis (Franklin Park, NJ) are part of a series entitled “X-Rayted CurioCITIES”. By the utilization of x-rays and the superimposing of digital images, the artist has created an energy field; although it seems alien in content, it is a parallel of the energy field of feeling, emotion, and experience. If our thoughts have an energy field, the artist has caught the essence of the subconscious and the contemplative in these works.

Postcard for Caladan Gallery Show, Sept., 2012

“Ambience & Energy Show”, Caladan Gallery. One of my x-ray digital photo collages is featured on the top right.

4 thoughts on “AMBIENCE and ENERGY FIELDS; a new exhibit

  1. Robert Volinsky says:

    I was looking at your art from this. I love it! Very cool.

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