Have a BAZAAR Winter

Happy Holidays, Everyone!  I know things are getting stressful for many this time of year (especially with the added worry about the Mayan doomsday prediction, although so far so good as far as our survival..I hope!  😉  )  and many feel even more stress to find the perfect, yet affordable gifts for friends and family…so here’s your answer (you’re welcome!).  Come to Highland Park, NJ & check out the PAZ Cultural Group’s WINTER ART BAZAAR and find unique, creative, reasonably priced art gifts!  I’m happy to be a part of this event and have invited the organizer to post a guest blog about the show, so take it away, Jonathan Horowitz!


The Winter Art Bazaar showcases local artists exhibiting affordably priced art during the Holiday Season. The recently launched PAZ culture system is organizing this event with the support of Main Street Highland Park. The bazaar gives artists an opportunity to have their work seen by consumers who can pick up unique, affordable gifts and support their local art community. The collective aims to empower emerging artists by involving them in community based projects, and this bazaar showcases those who are passionate about their art, but may have trouble finding places where they can show their pieces. Basically, PAZ want to give artists a chance to get their work out to the public so that the artists can make a little money, but also make people happy, sharing their creations.

PAZ culture system aims to bring people from all backgrounds together through art so that we focus on similarities rather than differences, and this event epitomizes the PAZ culture system mentality. We have twenty seven artists from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds; people who just graduated art school to those who went to art school almost seventy years ago. We have graffiti artists, photographers, potters, jewelers, painters, sculptors, crocheters, and many more…


This is the first of many PAZ culture system events. With the bazaar, we hope to raise awareness of our initiatives so that we have many more opportunities to put together events benefiting the local community.


We encourage you to like our Facebook fan page to stay updated regarding our future endeavors: http://www.facebook.com/PAZculturesystem


Feel free to come by the Winter Art Bazaar at Main Street at 212 Raritan Ave. in Highland Park. We are open from 1-9pm during the week and 10-6pm on weekends.  The show will be extended an extra week!

2 thoughts on “Have a BAZAAR Winter

  1. Luis Aguirre says:



    So, If I were in NJ, right now I would go to this BAZAAR and in the by way, I would know you, a great person and a great Artist as you, Dear Laureen

    HAVE A NICE 24th of December, Merry Christmas and a Ventourous New year 2013 Sincerely, ROBERTH

  2. laurencurtis says:

    Happy Holidays and New Year to you too, Roberth!
    ~Lauren (one “E”, LOL)

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