Holiday Hopes, Winter Wishes

This year, like most before it, has been filled with ups and downs, but this time  some of the “downs” were more extreme and dramatic than in former years.  Even if we don’t believe the Mayan predictions for tomorrow’s prophesied date of 12/21/12, I think deep down we’re all curious to see what will happen by the time the clock strikes midnight!  So, in light of the tragic events that have occurred this year, as well as the good things that have happened, I’d like to send all of you positive energy of hope and peace this holiday season and for the new year, and winter wishes of happiness, health and prosperity!  I hope you enjoy this set of holiday images I’ve created over the years.  Happy Yule/Winter Solstice, Merry Christmas & Happy 2013!!  See you on the other side of 12/21/12…

Holiday Images (c)Lauren Curtis

Holiday Images (c)Lauren Curtis

UniqueSnowflakesSm9.2011 wintercard1sm wintercard2sm XmasBall2010sm XmasOrnamentsSept2011sm XmasTreeHeartsSm9.2011 Yule


10 thoughts on “Holiday Hopes, Winter Wishes

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  2. Jill C says:

    Happy Holidays to you to Lauren!!!

  3. stompeii says:

    Great Designs! Here’s wishing a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

  4. Marion says:

    Lauren , a beautiful Christmas season to a beautiful person, with a caring heart & great talent. Your friend, Marion

  5. Melissa Brown says:

    Happy Holidays! 😀

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