Getting UN-Stuck!

WOW!  The response to my post a few weeks ago about “being stuck” (artistically and otherwise, depending on your situation) got such an amazing response with a ton of varied yet great replies!  It’s good to know we’re not alone when we feel stuck…and for many artists that often work solitary,  this means a lot!  The comments ranged from doing nothing and just relaxing and reflecting, to letting go and having fun to trying new things/ new art forms that are out of our comfort zone.  To read all the helpful comments just refer back to the “Are you stuck” post here from early Feb.

So, since this topic resonates with so many people, I welcome more ideas from others on how you deal with feeling stuck, in a rut, dissatisfied, etc.  I do know that since writing that last post some amazing opportunities have surfaced for me….don’t want to say too much yet as I want to see where they’ll lead but they include new art exhibits, some art sales and a POSSIBLE  TV appearance!!!  More info soon…don’t want to jinx it!  😉   But for me, forcing myself to continue on with my career, searching for new venues and art experiences, leads to more motivation.

Sandy Hook Clouds Photo (c)Sept2012 Lauren Curtis

Sandy Hook Clouds Photo (c)Sept2012 Lauren Curtis

Now don’t get me wrong…it takes a while to get your creative mojo back and I’m still a bit stuck as to some fine art pieces I’m working on…my brain seems to go faster than I can,  so it speeds ahead while I’m trying to catch up and process the information along with all the other stuff going on in my life…but I’m hopeful that with the positive events coming up, and with persistence, I’ll eventually be fully back in the swing.  So, in the meantime,  I hope your projects are moving ahead and you’re figuring out ways to “de-stick” yourself…and please feel free to post your comments and insights about that here!   And you don’t have to be a visual artist to share…musicians, writers, poets, chefs, film makers, actors, marketers and promoters…so many forms of creativity out there…how do you deal with blocks and brain barriers?  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Sandy Hook, NJ Sea-Sunset photo (c)Sept2012 Lauren Curtis

Sandy Hook, NJ Sea-Sunset photo (c)Sept2012 Lauren Curtis

4 thoughts on “Getting UN-Stuck!

  1. s palmer says:

    I’ve been stuck for a long time, I feel like I’ve totally lost my mojo, just consumed with personal issues, I wonder if I’ll ever get creative, again.

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