Shameless art plug

Happy March, everyone…Spring is almost here and people will be coming out of hibernation so I thought it was time for a little shameless self-promo! I’m a full-time freelance artist who creates unique logos, promo/marketing material designs, book & CD covers, illustrations for publications (including children’s books) & more! So if you need to hire an artist for these services, I have reasonable rates, keep in regular communication w/ clients & always meet deadlines! You can see work samples here: (commercial & fine art) (cards, T-shirts, photography, illustration)

That’s all for now but I’ll be posting a BIG art announcement next week!

Have a fun weekend.

A few design samples:

Design & Art Samples (c)Lauren Curtis

Design & Art Samples (c)Lauren Curtis

DadsDayCard1sm CattitudeHanukkatSm Cattitude Sample HollyGoDk2sm MomsDayPinkLuvSm NorwayArt3sm MicroMacroTreeT XskullsXB&WDec2011 MotorbikeGrBritOrg2010sm MBodinoBrokenDarlingCDcover2011sm GeorgeCallanLogoDec2010sm ElmoSPGazetteFrntCvrFeb2013sm EasterCard1sm CynthiaBee_Dec2011sm

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