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Social networking does work and it’s great when you make connections that really click!  I connected with artist/Churn Magazine guru Jeff Monje via LinkedIn and right away he was kind enough to feature me in his art zine!  So, of course, I invited him to be a guest blogger here to return the favor and so he could share his inspiration with you as to how he developed his project.  So, here’s what he has to say…check out CHURN…you won’t be disappointed!




My name is Jeff Monje,  ARTIST & Founder of CHURN,
an ART, Music & fashion magazine . I created CHURN back in 1999 out of S.F. after graduating from the San Fransisco Art Institute with a B.A. in painting. Once out of school I quickly realized that promoting & selling your own artwork was more difficult than I had imagined. It was also apparent that many other artists were in the same situation, and after reflecting upon this I decided to take action and do something completely new to me…Publishing my own art magazine so there would be a vehicle of promotion on a much larger scale with more opportunities to sell my work as well as the opportunity for others to sell theirs too.  CHURN , an Art, Music & Fashion was then launched. The main idea behind the magazine besides being entertaining and informative was to help up & coming artists, musicians & fashion designers etc who didn’t get the exposure they deserved.  It was this ” Collective Community” approach  that was employed so as to help struggling artisans get work seen & sold.
We  experimented with different art/ music related subjects and interviews in the magazine to dig deeper in to the minds of the creators so that the audience would get a better appreciation of who these people are and why they are extremely important to the world. Artists, Musicians etc..are one part of humanity that glues the rest together. Having been at the magazine for years and after a hiatus of more than 12 years I decided to bring CHURN magazine back to the public in 2012 because so much is happening in the art / music scene and world that it was important enough to re-promote the creators. I will be doing the magazine for as long as I’m alive.  We welcome the world to submit their best!


CHURN titles john brophy

A bit more about Churn:
CHURN is an INDEPENDENT Publication Founded in 1999 -2000 out of S.F., California by Artist Jeff Monje. We stopped printing CHURN after issue #6 but have recently re-launched our publication online and in print coming out with issue #7 featuring World class artist John Brophy on the cover .We have featured some HUGE names in the Art / Music scene for a small run press. The goal from the beginning has never wavered. We want to help as many brilliant Artists, Musicians, Writers ,Theater Performers and Fashion Designers and more get the visibility they deserve through another venue .
WE WELCOME THE ARTISANS & MUSICIANS OF THE WORLD to submit your works for print and online!

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