Art Walk in Red Bank, NJ

We jumped from Winter right into Summer in NJ so time to get outside and enjoy all the events happening around the state…especially in Red Bank where the arts are alive and the creative scene is growing!  I’m proud to have exhibited my work at Gallery U (& look forward to participating in future shows, hopefully!) and want to share this amazing event they’re a big part of :  ART WALK

Contact: Robert Langdon, Gallery U
(732) 747-6696
Red Bank Art Walk Steps It Up For May 17th Event
After three successful Art Walks in 2012, the Red Bank Art Walk is stepping up its efforts in 2013 to
expand the event while continuing to provide a high quality art viewing experience. The next Red Bank Art
Walk is scheduled for Friday, May 17, 2013, from 6:00 – 10:00 PM. Over 15 venues are expected to
Last year saw the return of the Red Bank Art Walk, which had been dormant for a number of years. Three
Art Walks held in May, August and November were very successful and a committee is working toward
making the May 17th event even better. The events offered residents and visitors an opportunity to
embark on a self-guided walking tour and experience the original artwork exhibited throughout Red Bank.
To organize and promote the Red Bank Art Walk, a small group of art professionals was formed which
currently includes Robert Langdon of Gallery U, Gerda Liebmann of Gallery 135, artist and Visual Arts
Blogger for the Monmouth County Arts Council Ellen Martin, Elaine Shor of the Art Alliance of Monmouth
County, and Jay Sullivan of Studio 25.
A number of Red Bank businesses, who typically do not exhibit artwork, saw the importance of The Red
Bank Art Walk and expressed interest in participating in upcoming events. The committee has invited a
select number of businesses to participate in the May 17th event by holding an exhibition at their location.
Curators will be matched with each business and will select the artists in conjunction with the venue.
Keeping quality high while expanding the Red Bank Art Walk is one of the committee’s s highest priorities and providing curators
and artists to exhibiting businesses is just one strategy.
In addition, the committee
will work with participating venues to help promote the individual exhibitions they have planned for the
evening of the Red Bank Art Walk.
To further involve the community, the committee is working closely with students of Brookdale Community College’sTHINK Design Society in creating graphic materials that will be used to represent the event. A poster image for the  May Red Bank Art Walk
and a logo that will represent this, and subsequent Red Bank Art Walks,
is being created by students Evan Eastmond, Martynas Siuksta and Loriann Yee under the guidance of adjunct professor Mona Pollard.
Maximizing and improving the experience for attendees of the Red Bank Art Walk is one of the main
missions of the committee. Maps will be available throughout town and on-line that list all participating
venues coded by the style of art they exhibit. If you are looking for a more traditional art viewing
experience, a more contemporary art viewing experience, or a little of both, there will be a path laid out to
follow. Attendees can embark on a self-guided tour by using the provided maps, or take part in a tour
guided by artists, which will be conducted at regular intervals throughout Red Bank.
Through the Red Bank Art Walk, local residents and visitors will experience a greater appreciation for the
visual arts and learn why Red Bank received its moniker Hip City.

4 thoughts on “Art Walk in Red Bank, NJ

  1. endurance5 says:

    HI Lauren..I wanted to give you a heads up. We are proofing magazine right now. The first run of print willbe tommoorw. As soon as we get magazinesin our hands we will launch on facebook  the photo of magazines…then we will start distribution..etc..   Our CHURNSTORE will be ready in next coupleof days as well. We are officially a corporation now CHURNWORLD INTERNATIONALINC.  (S-CORP)   We will have a blog about the reased isseu and where toget it online and  in bookstores..

    JEFF D. MONJE, Artist / Publisher C H U R N, an Art, Music & Fashion Magazine Tele.  (916) 868-9123     Message Ph.  (916) 760-4101 C H U R N, an Art, Music & Fashion Magazine  Also, please check us out @ where we welcome submissions of streaming video showcasing truly talented individuals/Groups in all genres of ART, MUSIC, FASHION (including, DANCE, THEATRE, PHOTO-GRAPHY, TATTOOING, etc.)     

    • laurencurtis says:

      That sounds awesome, Jeff!! Looking forward to seeing the completed magazines and just let me know what else you’ll need from me to post & sell artwork, t-shirts, cards on your site. Also, I’ll continue to help with promo and welcome you to continue posting on my steampunk & FB profile pgs. Talk soon!

  2. Blank Art says:

    Hey Lauren — did you know that there is an alternative artwalk starting to take shape for May 17th in Red Bank. More about it here.

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