Original Goth Girls

My 1st introduction to the seductive, dark, yet sometimes humorous, world of goth was from watching two of the Queens of the Scene way back when, Morticia Addams on The Addams Family & Lily Munster on The Munsters TV shows .  Even as a “baby bat” I was fascinated by these oddly beautiful woman and wanted to be just like them (& have somewhat achieved that goal although they, to me & many other admiring fans, are still the epitome of Gothic Gorgeousness!)

So, as many of you know, I design & sell my own original arT-shirts and in homage to my fave Dark Duo, I’ve designed the “You Spoke French” shirt honoring the eternal, romantic love between Tish & Gomez, and “Don’t Mess with Munsters!” because, well, you just don’t piss Lily off!  These 100% pre-shrunk cotton T’s are available in all kids & adult sizes, white, gray & black and start at just $20 each, shipping INCLUDED!  If you’d like to sport one of these beauties just drop me an email at forestwalker333@hotmail.com (PAYPAL accepted!) or reply to this blog.

*snap, snap*

Original Goth Girls T-shirts (C)2013

Original Goth Girls T-shirts (C)2013




LilyDon't MessJuly2013sm



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