Making It Real



Autumn has arrived and as with the start of any new season, it makes us think about new beginnings, letting negative patterns go and working on better, positive ideas.  Like my new guest blogger, Sasha Keen, I also have a background in painting and drawing yet have been working with digital/computer generated media for the last few years as well.  It was a big adjustment, and one I still have a lot to learn about, but a necessity to incorporate into my career path to keep up with the times.  However, I’ll never abandon my traditional art making practices, and often find a way to combine the old with the new.  But I find readers enjoy hearing other creative’s perspectives as well so here’s some thoughts on this by Sasha Keen;



by Sasha Keen

I am a painter by nature and a designer by default. I see the world in painterly terms and some of that comes out in my designs although working on a computer takes me in directions I would never follow otherwise.

I think it’s because working with the tools available to me by “drawing” with photo-manipulation programs etc. is so Other Worldly.

(c)Sasha Keen

(c)Sasha Keen

That’s how it is for me. Alien and bizarre. A very odd and eerie experience to create something that exists only as bits of binary code that doesn’t physically exist in what we consider to be the Real World until someone somewhere appreciates it enough to make it tangible. Crazy.

Just think… these designs just floating in the Cloud are nothing but a sequence of 0’s & 1’s. And the 0’s don’t even exist! They are and represent “nothing” and yet there they are visible as cohesive images on a website. And if it pleases someone they order something with it’s likeness and POOF! Shazam! A print or T-Shirt or coffee cup materializes! That too is crazy for me.

(c)Sasha Keen

(c)Sasha Keen

It is the grandest of compliments to see that complete strangers the world over in some way appreciate what I’ve done enough to buy something with one of my whimsical notions attached to it and with the touch of a button share in the process of making something of mine become real.

It’s magic.

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