Halloween creeps closer…

Even though it’s been unusually warm here in NJ for this time of year, you can still feel that Halloween chill in the air.  The leaves are just beginning to turn all shades of gold, orange & red, and I’m happy to welcome a big pumpkin plant that has taken root in my little garden from the pumpkin gut remains of last year.  I even have my cemetery settled on the lawn and the decorations are up inside, although truth to tell, my place is ready for Halloween 24/7, 365!

Halloween House

Halloween House

This is one of my favorite times of year when you can sense the mystery in the air, TV features all kinds of Halloween specials and horrifying haunted places, tons of spooky events are going on indoors and out….like this past weekend when a bunch of us went to the Mt. Holly, NJ Witches Ball….so awesome….an entire historic town transformed into an All Hallows Haunt with hundreds of people in amazing costumes!  Many bars & clubs have costume events and I’ll have an oil painting in the new Gallery U location in Westfield, NJ  for their annual “Something Wicked This Way Comes” art exhibit & masquerade party!

Gallery U; Something Wicked Oct2013

Gallery U; Something Wicked Oct2013

This time of year also inspires me to create fun greeting cards and t-shirts, including my new gargoyle images inspired by a photo shoot I did at a friend’s house which is adorned with many cement guardians!  Not that I need any excuse to do this type of artwork but it’s the perfect time to share it…

Gothic Greetings

Gothic Greetings

And it seems pumpkins and mums appear everywhere…but best of all are the elaborate displays some people create on their front lawns…I love driving around and seeing the orange glow of lights, larger than life ghosts, skeletons crawling up from the ground…farms and old buildings are converted into dens of terror and hayrides from hell…this season transcends all beliefs and everyone can enjoy the eerie festivities.

So, whether you trick or treat, have a frighteningly good time out there this Halloween!


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