Thankful for YOU!

The holiday season has officially begun!  I know right now you’re being bombarded with Black Friday sale ads and all that…don’t get me wrong, we artists have to eat too (none of us wants to be the stereotypical “starving artist”, so we have to post ads too) but this post is NOT to promote, sell or announce anything…it’s simply to say THANK YOU for all your support of my work and of the arts in general!  We artists couldn’t do it without you!!  I also want to wish you & your friends & family a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  I hope however you choose to celebrate you enjoy it and take a minute to reflect on what you’re thankful for in your life!  This can be tough sometimes but it always helps to remember the good things in our lives..and hope that’s a lot for you!!

Autumn Scene (c)Lauren Curtis

Autumn Scene (c)Lauren Curtis

4 thoughts on “Thankful for YOU!

  1. Sharon Molk says:

    That is such a lovely card. Have a Happy Thanksgiving as well. Sharon

  2. Thanks Lauren for the nice message…best to you too.

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