A SPRING in your step

Here in NJ we had a rough, cold, snow filled winter so most of us are thrilled that winter is over and spring has officially arrived!  The Vernal Equinox has just passed…when day & night are equal…and now we move towards longer days and more light!  Couldn’t come soon enough, in my book.  I’m feeling more creative and inspired.  How about you?  Does the change in seasons, wherever you’re located, effect your creativity, artwork, projects, mood?  It has been scientifically proven that a lack of sunlight can have a negative effect on people’s mood, energy and health and that many do go into hibernation mode in the winter.  Not that I don’t appreciate the dark hours and it takes a lot to keep me from being social and going out, especially on weekends, but I definitely feel more energized when spring rolls around.  I’ve started a new Steampunk mixed media series of small, framed collage pieces called “ARTifacts” and MUST get moving on a painting I’ve been procrastinating on.  Also, I’ve been doing some freelance illustration work for clients across the US which not only hones my drawing and design skills but earns me money, so a win/win!

So, feel free to share your seasonally inspired stories here and in the meantime I hope you’ll enjoy some of my spring themed artwork I’ve created for clients over the years!

Flowers, Butterfly & Hummingbird pen & ink w/ watercolors (c)Lauren Curtis

Flowers, Butterfly & Hummingbird pen & ink w/ watercolors (c)Lauren Curtis

ButterflySm flwrscolor

4 thoughts on “A SPRING in your step

  1. Very beautiful art work Lauren. I live in Scotch Plains and although the winter was very rough here it was also a wonderful adventure out of the norm figuring out clever ways of shoveling and traveling and creating art out of the snowy pictures I tried to take. I do very much look forward to the trees and flowers of the spring as I will take some good shots and create some great work during the next two seasons. Take care my friend and happy spring to you.

    • laurencurtis says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words and creative comment! I really enjoy your work as well and I have no doubt that you’ll be producing more amazing work this season! From on Jersey-ite to another, Happy Spring!

  2. I think everybody enjoys spring, no matter what they say. For me, this season is the most inspiring, with all the flowers blossoming, the insects buzzing around them and the windy shifts of the clouds…It’s the best time of the year to create art! Lovely art, I particularly liked your hummingbird drawing.

    • laurencurtis says:

      Good points, Catherine…it is a season of rebirth which includes of new ideas! Feels good to come out of the winter hibernation. Glad you like my hummingbird watercolor!

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