The freelance work search

Watercolor illustration for a client from a freelance job site.

So, you’ve decided to make art your full time career but aside from people you know, how do you go about finding new clients?  Well, I’m a member of just about every freelance job site that posts art related jobs and I’m now in the process of updating all those profiles…a job in itself….and applying for more work.  It’s very tough and very competitive, with the big problem of people WAY under bidding and under valuing their work just to get jobs…this doesn’t help any of us!  It devalues what we do and perpetuates the stigma of the “poor artist”.  Art is valuable and serves a great purpose in promoting businesses and products, portraying an author’s ideas,  giving life and an image to just about anything….so, I look forward to bidding my face off and gaining new clients…and providing the best work possible!  You can find me on many freelance job sites or check out my illustration and design work on   Feel free to contact me for more info!

4 thoughts on “The freelance work search

  1. Just Judy says:

    I love the dogs at the beach, especially the one laying out and reading a book. My kinda dog. Freelancing does mean we have to work hard just to let people know we are here, but we are working for ourselves and, as you know, that is a big payoff. Don’t worry about those who underbid, or devalue their work. There will always be niggardly people in the world and someone has to work for them. Be glad that it doesn’t have to be you. If you value yourself (and you do), you will be valued (and you are).

    • laurencurtis says:

      Thanks Judy…the dog piece was done for a client in watercolors. Yup, I love being my own boss and earning a living being creative and it is finding a balance between the struggles and benefits of being a freelancer that is important…not always easy but important! 🙂

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