Wishing you a happy, creative holiday!

Hello Blog-o-sphere!  I just wanted to take a moment to wish you Season’s Greetings from Lauren Curtis Art to you & yours! Sending you wishes for all the best in 2020 & thank you for your support of the arts!  Creativity and self-expression are vital for a healthy community & I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to read my newsletters, come to the events, purchase work and just show support in any way you can for the wide variety of artists out there!  We couldn’t do it without you! 

With so much negativity out there, and people feeling blue during the holidays, please feel free to comment/share posts here about good things you’d like to share that happened in 2019 or wishes you hope for in 2020….or something or someone who inspired your own creativity!  For me, my art and creative marketing students have inspired me and given me something to look forward to every week as I see their progress and how much they enjoy their artistic projects!  Looking forward to expanding my teaching in the new year and beyond!


Be happy, be well, be prosperous and BE CREATIVE in 2020 & beyond!

Warm Wishes,


4 thoughts on “Wishing you a happy, creative holiday!

  1. Tulio Figueroa says:

    🎈🎉Merry🎊 Christmas🎅🌲🎁
    And Happy New🎇 Year🎆 2020🗓

  2. Joann Telemdschinow says:

    I want to thank you Lauren for all the advice and support you’ve given me. I wish you much success and happiness in 2020!

  3. laurencurtis says:

    Thanks so much! Glad the lessons are helping! Wishing the same for you in 2020 and beyond!

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