Are you fascinated with the possibility of life after death?  Do you have an interest in ghost hunting? Tarot cards? Other spiritual topics?  If so then the annual BEHIND THE VEIL event in the haunted Elk’s Lodge in East Brunswick, NJ is for you!  The event, that began as Para-X, is scheduled this year for Saturday, Sept. 30th, 11am-6pm (& it’s ONLY $5!!!) & I’m happy to be a part of it.  For more interesting details of how it began and what it’s become are founders and organizers Karen Kimmel Timper & Katharine Clark….


The Beginnings…

Behind1 Elk’s Lodge, E. Brunswick, NJ


Para X was conceived in 2010 by Karen Timper and her Father Richard Kimmel, who co-founded New Jersey Ghost Organization over 13 years ago. We received permission from the Elks Lodge in East Brunswick, NJ which made perfect sense seeing that the lodge was indeed a haunted location and the group had investigated it on several occasions after hearing numerous accounts of experiences by the lodge members. Proceeds in part help the lodges many endeavors over the years from their Youth Scholarship Committee to Drug awareness mentoring programs.

We took a 2 year hiatus after the first 5 years of running the expo largely due to the groups other projects and obligations, which included writing books for this Father-Daughter duo. Their most recent book, “Folklore of the New Jersey Shore.” Schiffer is their Publisher and this book along with other titles can be found in local Barnes and Noble Bookstores as well as on Amazon.

We’ve been back running the expo going into a second year once again along with Katharine Clark a Wiccan Elder and fellow Author and Lauren Curtis, local artist who is know for her very long fingernails and was featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not book. Having help makes it easier as it is a huge undertaking, sometimes overwhelming, but absolutely rewarding because it brings the Public and the Paranormal together. It’s also a way to get into the spirit of things for the fall season on a lighter note. It’s serious business for local ghost hunters since they don’t charge for their expertise and this gives them a chance to get awareness out to the public. A lot of historical locations fall by the wayside and groups like these can help, as well as helping those families experiencing hauntings get the help they need.

Come see the “Haunted Lodge on the Lake” at 21 Oakmont Avenue in East Brunswick, NJ. There is a secret staircase, a bookcase that turns and more haunting features, right out of a Nancy Drew Mystery Book! Pick up a flyer at the door and find out the history and mystery. You won’t be disappointed.



On the DAY of the Para-X, you will see EXPO signs, especially on Hardenburg Lane, Oakmont Ave., and especially down the driveway leading to the Lodge.


12PM: Katharine Clark – Pagan Autumnal Traditions

1PM: Chuck Lehman – An Introduction to Crystal Singing Bowls

2PM: Robert Oberholtzer – Reiki 101 and its (possible?) Beginnings

3PM: Kevin Meares – Ghosts, Demons, and Weirder Spirits: Understanding The Difference

4PM: Justin Bamforth – Preceptions and Deceptions in the Experience

5PM: Chris DiCesare – The C2D1 Haunting






Karen Founded NJGO in 2003. She has been the subject of many news articles, and has appeared on local cable TV, radio and internet radio programs, as well as the Maury Show, over the years. She has co-authored three books with her dad, covering topics from Paranormal Archeology, to Ghosts of Central NJ, to Folklore of the New Jersey Shore.

Not being an easy field, both Ms. Timper and her group continue to move the Paranormal Field in a positive direction. Go to http://www.NJGhostOrg. com for more info on Ms. Timper and New Jersey Ghost Organization.


Richard Kimmel is the other half of the father-daughter duo and a professional in his own right. Richard was a Photographer in the Army. He helped his daughter found New Jersey Ghost Organization over 13 years ago, and he continues to do what he does – work with his collections and his books.


Katharine Clark has been the hereditary Elder of the Tutha De Danann Irish Wiccan tradition for over 40 years. She is an award winning poet, a former workshop leader for the National Endowment for the Arts, an Occult Specialist for sever local police departments, and a Tarot instructor.  She is the former Circle leader at Earth Spirit New Age Center in Red Bank NJ.

Her first book, “An Irish Book of Shadows”, contains the ritual system of the TDD, along with coven structure, and an extensive compendium of Irish gods and their correlations. Her second book, “Things Your Elders Never Told You”, is a humorous look at growing up Wiccan. It also contains insights that are learned at the knee of a teacher, but missing from modern Wiccan instruction. Her works have been endorsed by Dan and Pauline Campanelli, Raymond Buckland, and Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

Along with Natalie Zaman, she is the co-creator of the “Graven Images Oracle” deck. It is not only available as a book and deck set, but also as an application for iphone, Android, etc. Come to her table to try a sample reading!

And there’s more…more authors, experts & alternative artisans & craft-persons, including yours truly (Lauren Curtis Art) who will be exhibiting & selling our wares. So join us for this mystical, magickal event!! And if you’re interested in vending please contact Kat at  katrclark@yahoo.com 

See you there!!

Honoring an Artist’s Wild Spirit

It’s so important that artists & creatives support each other!  Although my long-time friend, Australian artist Lina Eve, & I are literally across the globe from each other we have stayed in touch and supported each other’s work.  Aside from being an amazing painter, Lina is a talented film maker and writer and is now trying to fund a YouTube project that honors a true artist’s wild spirit, Vali Myers (1930-2003).  Lina introduced me to the inspiring and bold work of this way-too-overlooked, unique soul years ago and now she wants to share Vali’s artistic legacy with the world, so please read on about this fascinating project and visit the link for more info and to find out how you can help make Lina’s dream a reality!
Lina Eve:  for my talented and lovely friend, Lauren Curtis
1999: Whilst browsing one of my favorite 2nd hand bookshops, I chanced upon Vali’s beautiful book of paintings and writing titled , “Vali Myers”.  A day or so after this rare and fabulous find, I heard Vali being interviewed on ABC Radio National.  Her unique Aussie accent, her raw and earthy take on life, combined with the amazing artwork in her book, had me toasting her talent and fierce honesty.
Vali and I eventually met in her studio in Melbourne some months later.
We had only exchanged a few letters and chatted on the phone, 
but when we met there was instant rapport. She introduced me to the Turkish spirit Raki, and we got pretty legless on it.  At least I did.  Vali would have been able to drink most people under the table! Spending glorious afternoons with Vali, filling our glasses and talking about everything under the sun became my ritual every time I traveled to Melbourne from then on. “
(Lina, left…Vali, right)
“Vali died in 2003 and although she had a loyal following of fans, her work is largely unknown around the world. Vali’s work is highly personal, and therefore, like other amazing women artists, was not picked up by the media for the truly unique art it is.  Now I’m  trying to raise funds towards a YouTube tribute video about Vali  …..a beautiful friend, who created a whole world of powerful and magical art.”
                                                            “Moby Dick” (c)Vali Myers
Wikipedia:    “Vali Myers (2 August 1930 – 12 February 2003) 
was an Australian visionary artist, dancer, bohemian and muse whose coverage by the media was mostly in the decades of the 1950s and 1960s in Europe and the United States.”
I’m now collecting permission from the photographers  of my favourite portraits of her, and already have permission ( from the Vali Myers Trust) to use all her images for the video
If you can help with a donation, that would be wonderful and if you could also please pass on my Go fund me link, it would be very, very much appreciated!
  “Vali Myers : Wild Spirit”

Myth, Music & Art Collide

Don’t you love it when 3 of your favorite things combine into one, very cool thing? This happened when a new freelance art client contacted me to commission me to create a new CD cover for his Jazz project, based on ancient Greek mythology!  Musician Jim Gailloreto discovered my X-RAYted art series online and messaged me about designing the cover for his PYTHIAD jazz CD & asked me to create a unique x-ray piece for it and do the design work as well. This was an exciting project as I listened to the music and loved it, especially since it is based on the myth of the ancient seer & mystic, the Pythia. Gailloreto’s music, accompanied by vocalist Cheryl Wilson, conveys the mystery of this visionary woman, The Oracle of Delphi,  who could foretell many things to those who dared to ask….

PythiadCDcover3LayersP Apr2016

artwork (c)2016 Lauren Curtis   CD music & concept (c) 2016 Jim Gailloreto

Here’s a bit of what Jim has to say about this fascinating musical project:

“The Pythiad” is a nine-movement vocal work for Jazz String Quintet; an interdisciplinary ensemble that blends improvisations with traditional string quartet.

The music and words combine to weave the stories of nearly a dozen lesser-known Greek heroes and heroines.

Vocalist Cheryl Wilson and the string quartet are exceptional. Coleman Gailloreto (our son) wrote the lyric and the story held within is magical.

Go to this link to listen.


Romance in Poetry & Art

This is the month of romance for many so I thought it’d be the appropriate time to introduce my 1st guest blogger of the year, author, poet, mystickal woman, LAURA STAMPS.  Laura and I have been long time internet friends and have supported each other’s creative endeavors, so I felt who better to guest blog in February as her work is seductive, romantic, erotic, creative and artistic!  She writes magickal poems, erotic novels and much more (see bio below).  So here’s an original poem by Laura accompanied by my artwork that I selected because I believe it illuminates her beautiful words….so enjoy this pre-Valentine treat!

“Actually, She’s The Friend Of A Friend Of My Best Friend” by Laura Stamps ©

“Don’t worry,” he says.  “It’s true.  I’m

older than I look.”  How did he know

I was thinking about that?  I study his

face again, the smiling face of this stranger

I’ve just met.  Maybe I missed something. 

Maybe it’s that odd ruggedness lurking

beneath his youthful features, those sharp

edges softened by playfulness.  They tug

at me.  It’s as if he’s experienced more

hardship than he would ever admit. 

Although maybe he just did, maybe this

age comment is his confession.  Still,

he doesn’t look a day over thirty. 

“You can read my thoughts?” I ask. 

“No,” he says.  “But your eyes are very

expressive.  It makes you easy to read.” 

I snort.  “Hardly,” I say, as I gather up

the cat toys in my display.  It’s after

six o’clock, and the Mayfest Arts and

Crafts Fair is officially closed for the day. 

When it’s done, I’m done.  “Are you

a Witch, too?” I ask, grabbing the plastic

storage tubs hidden beneath my table. 

“No,” he says.  He sets the bag of cat

toys he just purchased from me in an

empty chair.  “But my brother is married

to one.”  I fold the tablecloth and tuck

it into a tub.  “Who is your brother?”

I ask.  “Drayton Manigault,” he says. 

“He married Sara Gadsden last month.” 

He turns the display table on its side to

collapse the legs.  I smile.  I guess he

was serious about helping me pack up

my booth.  “Ah,” I say.  “I heard about

that.  Sara and I have mutual friends.”

(This poem first appeared in the literary journal, “Bactrian Room”)

Goddess of Gratitude & Greenman (c)Lauren Curtis

Goddess of Gratitude & Greenman (c)Lauren Curtis


Laura Stamps is Wiccan, Seelie Fey, and a Fey sorceress twirling joyfully on pink wings. Bestselling author of Pagan novels (positive, empowering, many are romantic: Witches, vampires, faeries). 58 books published in 26 years. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in over 1000 literary journals and anthologies worldwide. She is the recipient of many literary awards, including a “Pulitzer Prize” nomination and 7 “Pushcart Prize” nominations. She’s also a runner, vegan, feral cat rescuer, and an avid gardener.  You can find her every day at her Tumblr blog:  http://laurastampserotica.tumblr.com/

Thank you & Welcome!

First off I’d like to WELCOME all the new subscribers to my art blog!!  I decided to try to gain new subscribers by posting on Facebook that I’d love to break 3000 followers and IT WORKED!  So, a big THANK YOU to all that read this blog, both old and new, and I hope you’ll enjoy what I post!  I promise to keep it interesting and informative without bombarding you with constant posts.  Also, you’ll be kept up to date on my exhibits, vending events and new artwork, and I’ll also keep featuring guest bloggers as it’s not “all about me”…there are many talented, creative people out there and we artists need to support each other!  So, if you’re an illustrator, painter, writer, crafter (especially of the Gothic or Steampunk genres), poet, tattoo-ers, etc. please leave me a comment here (& a LIKE) and let me know if you’d be interested in writing a guest blog post for this page!  Any press is good press (& this will be great press)  and I’ll include a link to your website too.   Just keep it related to art.

Its Your Day Card (c)Lauren Curtis

Its Your Day Card (c)Lauren Curtis

And, I hope you’ll ask your friends to subscribe to my blog too…the more the merrier…and please also leave comments on the types of art related topics you’d like me to discuss; marketing, social networking, exhibits, different mediums, freelance work, art fests, etc.  All comments and questions appreciated and answered!

THANKS AGAIN & now onto 4000 subscribers!

🙂 Lauren

T(shirt) Time!

Would you like some T?  Not the beverage but unique artistic T-shirts and just in time for Spring/Summer!  Now that it’s FINALLY warming up it’s time to refresh your wardrobe with these cool shirts featuring original artwork by, who else?…me!

These 100% pre-shrunk cotton shirts come in all sizes, kids and adults!  Available colors are white, gray and black (white only for women’s cut T’s).  And they start at only $20 ea. (INCLUDING s/h)!!  Add +$5 each for XXL.  Add +$5 ea. for gray shirt,  +$7 ea. black shirt.   Add +$6 ea. for women’s cut.  Here’s a sampling of my designs:

T-shirt Designs (c)Lauren Curtis

T-shirt Designs (c)Lauren Curtis


You can see more samples on:



Custom design orders welcome!  Reply to this blog or email me at forestwalker333@hotmail.com with any questions!

PAYPAL accepted to me at forestwalker333@hotmail.com  (please use GIFT payment option if possible).  Checks/$ Orders mailed to:

Lauren Curtis

P.O. Box 193

Franklin Park, NJ  08823

Happy T-time!

New day for a new art-site

OK, so I do have several different websites for different artistic and networking purposes, as many of you most likely do but I was dismayed to learn recently that one of my main fine art sites was no more because the hosting service folded and didn’t give it’s artists any warning!

I had just updated it too…I posted the link in a blog and when I went to check to make sure the link worked, low and behold…no site!  I emailed the hosting service and got a form email saying they had went under and were sorry to say none of the sites were saved…so “POOF”..all my work gone in 60 seconds (to use a movie title for emphasis).

Now I do have a paid for domain name, this blog, facebook, LinkedIn, etc. etc. but I needed another free artsite hosting service ASAP so after much research I decided on weebly.com and so far so good!
And now, with no further ado…here’s the BRAND NEW SITE:


YAY!  It’s up and running…new painting, photography and digital collages along with an up-to-date resume, artist statements and exhibition listings!  There’s also a contact page and links to this blog, my FB & LinkedIn pages.  So hope you’ll give it a look-see and enjoy…and if you love what you see…you can own a piece of my work too!  I have pieces to fit every budget & Paypal is accepted.  🙂

Thanks for checking it out!

Amsterdam Night 1(c)Lauren Curtis

35mm B&W photo shot along one of the many canals in Amsterdam.

Art & Music Working Together

Finding work is tough these days…especially for us artsy types!  So, as a full time visual artist I’ve learned that you have to be creative not only in your work but in LOOKING for work!  You need to expand your ideas of how your services can be utilized in ways you might not have thought of before.  That’s why years ago I started designing my own lines of greeting cards and t-shirts as well as designing them for companies and individuals.  This lead me to finding other alternative ways my art skills could be useful to new clients.  I also design logos and marketing materials  which lead to working with some musicians.

I first did a big art/music CD/DVD project with musician Mark Sheppard from the UK and we produced a successful CD that features two different slide shows of my paintings and photography accompanied by original music composed by Mark.  For a preview of this (& they are available to order for $15 each + s/h…Paypal accepted!) go to: http://www.youtube.com/v/EOMG_UWGOUw&hl=en&fs=1

We wanted a product that was both visual and musical, artsy and technological.  We’ve since sold many copies in the US & UK which lead to another similar project when NJ musician Mark Bodino purchased a CD at one of my art shows…he liked the work so much he has since hired me to design all his new CD covers as well as supplying the artwork and design for his newest video from his band Broken Darling for their song “The Love You Bring”.  All of the nature and cemetery statue photographs are my work and I also designed the title and closing pages.  Then, via email as we had worked together on our own project, Mark Sheppard organized all the images and produced the video with all the effects.    Here’s the final result:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-XGLwRmutA

A few years ago I would never have thought that doing photography and graphic design work would lead to two video/music/art collaboration projects that involved working with someone across the pond but these experiences have been so much fun, educational and provide income!  And I have to say the two Marks are fantastic to work with, which is rare when it comes to multiple artists trying to work together on one project…I mean we do tend to be emotional, sensitive and opinionated!  LOL.

I hope you enjoy these collaborations and that if you’re looking for someone to work with on a similar project you’ll consider hiring me…or that this inspires your own creativity!


http://www.LaurenCurtisArt.com(commercial & fine art)
http://www.laurencurtisart.mosaicglobe.com(fine art, photography, art updates)
http://www.laurencurtis.imagekind.com(cards, T-shirts, photography, illustration)
http://www.facebook.com/LaurenCurtisArtTalonArt(Facebook Fan Page)

On the radio & other art news.

They say all press is good press but I still prefer GOOD good press…so I’m very happy about the recent airing of my radio interview with well known herbalist & holistic practitioner Susun Weed!  Last year she asked if she could interview me about my artwork since much of it relates to nature and Earth-centered spirituality and she felt it would be an interesting topic for her women’s radio show (but of course you don’t have to be a woman to enjoy it!).  So, here’s the link of where you can hear it and see some of my artwork on her website.   And while I’m at it I might as well post info. about some other art exhibits I’m a part of this month:

Susun Weed features healers, herbalists, artists, etc. whose work has a connection with Nature.  My interview is up now and here’s the link to check it out:  http://wisewomanradio.com/interviews/curtis.html

HYPER-REAL JURIED EXHIBIT; Visit Caladan Gallery online for the newest show…I have several photos in this ONLINE exhibit along with artists from across the US & abroad.  Of my work, gallery director Marjorie Kaye says: Photographs by gallery member Lauren Curtis (Franklin Park, NJ) examine, with an almost microscopic eye, the senses associated with natural forms. The viewer is drawn into the photographs, which are otherworldly, as if depicting plant forms that don’t occur anywhere but in the realm of the artist’s observation. We feel the coolness, the damp reality of growth.
You can view the show on www.CaladanGallery.com  
Show runs 4/1/12 – 5/9/12. 

ZOOANALIA JURIED NJ ART EXHIBIT; Join me and other NJ artists for the opening reception for this animal art influenced exhibit!  Show opens Tues. night, 4/10/12, 6:30pm-8pm, South Brunswick Arts Commission Gallery in the Municipal Bldg., 540 Rt. 522/Ridge Rd., Monmouth Jct., NJ 08852.  732-329-4000 ext. 7635  Show runs thru June 26, 2012.  Gallery open weekdays…call for more details.

My artwork, a pen & ink drawing (shown below) originally commissioned by a major crafter company for national craft expos, was selected to be the Spring cover art for INNER REALM MAGAZINE!  Have a peek:  www.InnerRealmMagazine.com

More updates soon…June is booked solid with art shows and fests all around NJ…stay tuned!

🙂 Lauren

Spring Equinox Treat

Happy Spring, Vernal Equinox, Ostara, Eostre…whatever you call it, for those of us on the East Coast of the US, we never really had a Winter but an extended Spring/Autumn-esque season.  Not that I’m complaining about the unusually mild weather but when you really think about it the longer term implications are kind of scary…will our Summer be filled with 150 degree days???  OK, I’ll try not to think about that and just enjoy these oddly balmy Spring days…it has been beautiful out there and the early flowers have been in bloom for a few weeks already.  To honor the new, light-filled season, my good friend and book cover design client, Vila Spiderhawk  (yup, she’s commissioned me to design covers for ALL of her awesome books!) has written the following guest blog to share with you so take it away Vila…and if you like this little blurb, buy her books (they’re only 99 cents online!!!) and you’ll be doubly impressed!!

Becoming Maiden in the Spring

Every time the seasons change, I will honestly assert that the upcoming one is my favorite.  Ask me at the end of May, and I’ll compose a loving ode about my jungle of a garden in July.  But in August, my poem will be colored red and orange and scented with the crisp perfume of apples. And just before December, I’ll create a rhapsody about the beauty of the icicles dangling from the trees, about the purple-shadowed snow, about the quiet.  Every season has its beauty and its purpose and its joy, particularly here in the woods.

Now, rushing headlong into spring, the geese are honking merrily while songbirds brag about their newly woven nests.  The pussywillows are in bud, and bulbs have thumbed their way up and are stretching toward the latticework the boughs make for the sun.

Every year about this time, I shed my Cronely meditation with my sweaters and my mittens and my parka.  An effervescent exhilaration giggles in my heart at all the opportunities about to bloom.  I spread my arms out to the forest, send my love to all the fairies, to the creatures, to the plants, and to the glorious belief that every wonder I can dream is possible.

The giddy little girl in me plays hide and seek among the trees, a flash of color peeking from the leafless woods.  Spinning this way and that, leaping over obstacles as if they were just part of the game, she wafts out story lines like bubbles, watches as they burst or land, celebrates their fluid roundness and their brilliant rainbow hues.

But when one flies, survives and thrives, and rises through the branches’ gauntlet to the sky, a joy as rich as childhood envelopes me.  And, I am Maiden through and through, discovering truth in “let’s pretend”, a truth as strong and pure and reckless as the spring.

Vila SpiderHawk, author of five works of fiction and three cookbooks, lives in the woods of Pennsylvania with her husband, their four house cats, and their many woodland friends.  Contact her at http://www.vilaspiderhawk.com

 With memory we can relive special moments, we thought we’d lost.  Just a scent, a word, an old china doll can bring those special moments back.  Join the characters in Short Stories as they relive the special times of their lives.

Short Stories is available for just 99 cents