The Art of Nick Rosal

My goal for this art blog is to not only introduce you to and update you on my own artwork but to expose you to other creatives out there so we can all share our work and artistic experiences.  So, for the 2nd time this year, I’d like to share another artist friend’s work and words with you.  I’ve known painter, designer and gallery owner NICK ROSAL for many years…way back to those mystical times known as the 80’s when we both worked for the corporate gallery machine in Woodbridge Center Mall in NJ!  Now we’re both professional artists and we’ve learned from the many art and non art related jobs we have had which, good or bad, lead to our own creative development.  To share his story, here’s what Nick has to say about his career…


by Nick Rosal

Art is self defined. Artists will define it differently from the audience due to the separate experiences of artists pushing their own creative boundaries and the audiences’ personal experiences and interaction of their own arts culture. Because of this, I believe the definition of art has a life of its own as it gets realized, redefined and debated. But in my definition of art, communicating a concept is paramount. Without that articulation, the painting (or whatever chosen medium) becomes a simple exercise of color and form for me. It was the commercial art field I left that helped me focus on communicating my concepts; to help me communicate with my audience.

My original major at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn was graphic design and advertising. In my third year of art school I started working in a small design agency in NYC and decided, after a year of working in my trade, that I hated it and left. I didn’t even finish art school. At the time, I had found the “creative process suffocating”, the concept of “focusing on your target market” akin to having blinders on and had a problem with art directors (aka authority). I blame it on youth.

Nick Rosal, Get Rid Of Old Friends

Nick Rosal, Get Rid Of Old Friends

However, my learned theories of communicating to the audience through advertising design influenced not only my imagery, but my approach to the audience with a narrative. Not only was I using symbolism in my figure paintings to tell my story, I was starting to use typography, collage and graphic elements in my painting as well. I actually learned something from art school! In my painting titled “Inventory”, (oil on canvas 40″x55″ © 2014) the chrysanthemums were purposely chosen to symbolize the figure’s relationships; even the color of the flowers, drapery and position of the figure are all intentionally placed to subtly communicate the story. In “Get Rid of Old Friends Acquire New Enemies” (mixed media on canvas 20″ x 48″ © 2010) I used newspaper clippings of the U.S. involvement with Afghanistan and juxtaposed them with gaming ads to create commentary on violence in role playing and the real world. Both images are my efforts to communicate my feelings on personal and social issues.

I continued to use imagery to comment on social observations when I had the luxury of owning a gallery space in NYC by inviting artists to address the themes I presented to them. Because MH Art & Framing was primarily custom framing and art services with a large gallery space, I wasn’t forced to find a niche market like other galleries that focused on their specializations. I had the freedom to create a dialogue with my audience again, but not just with my paintings, but with other artists that could successfully articulate the motif of the exhibits. My canvas was now the gallery walls covered with a mosaic of eclectic images from individual artists with their own definitions of art. All of these independent visuals invariably became a point of convergence in the exhibit’s theme.

Nick Rosal, Her Inventory

Nick Rosal, Her Inventory

It’s with the disciplines learned from a parallel profession early in my art career, that I created a dialogue with the viewer. With the benefit of that early experience in advertising, I continued to hone not only my fine art painting techniques, but the ability to share and communicate my observations, beliefs, tales and mythologies to the audience.

You can see the work of Nick Rosal at The two images are described at length here ( and here (

Romance in Poetry & Art

This is the month of romance for many so I thought it’d be the appropriate time to introduce my 1st guest blogger of the year, author, poet, mystickal woman, LAURA STAMPS.  Laura and I have been long time internet friends and have supported each other’s creative endeavors, so I felt who better to guest blog in February as her work is seductive, romantic, erotic, creative and artistic!  She writes magickal poems, erotic novels and much more (see bio below).  So here’s an original poem by Laura accompanied by my artwork that I selected because I believe it illuminates her beautiful words….so enjoy this pre-Valentine treat!

“Actually, She’s The Friend Of A Friend Of My Best Friend” by Laura Stamps ©

“Don’t worry,” he says.  “It’s true.  I’m

older than I look.”  How did he know

I was thinking about that?  I study his

face again, the smiling face of this stranger

I’ve just met.  Maybe I missed something. 

Maybe it’s that odd ruggedness lurking

beneath his youthful features, those sharp

edges softened by playfulness.  They tug

at me.  It’s as if he’s experienced more

hardship than he would ever admit. 

Although maybe he just did, maybe this

age comment is his confession.  Still,

he doesn’t look a day over thirty. 

“You can read my thoughts?” I ask. 

“No,” he says.  “But your eyes are very

expressive.  It makes you easy to read.” 

I snort.  “Hardly,” I say, as I gather up

the cat toys in my display.  It’s after

six o’clock, and the Mayfest Arts and

Crafts Fair is officially closed for the day. 

When it’s done, I’m done.  “Are you

a Witch, too?” I ask, grabbing the plastic

storage tubs hidden beneath my table. 

“No,” he says.  He sets the bag of cat

toys he just purchased from me in an

empty chair.  “But my brother is married

to one.”  I fold the tablecloth and tuck

it into a tub.  “Who is your brother?”

I ask.  “Drayton Manigault,” he says. 

“He married Sara Gadsden last month.” 

He turns the display table on its side to

collapse the legs.  I smile.  I guess he

was serious about helping me pack up

my booth.  “Ah,” I say.  “I heard about

that.  Sara and I have mutual friends.”

(This poem first appeared in the literary journal, “Bactrian Room”)

Goddess of Gratitude & Greenman (c)Lauren Curtis

Goddess of Gratitude & Greenman (c)Lauren Curtis


Laura Stamps is Wiccan, Seelie Fey, and a Fey sorceress twirling joyfully on pink wings. Bestselling author of Pagan novels (positive, empowering, many are romantic: Witches, vampires, faeries). 58 books published in 26 years. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in over 1000 literary journals and anthologies worldwide. She is the recipient of many literary awards, including a “Pulitzer Prize” nomination and 7 “Pushcart Prize” nominations. She’s also a runner, vegan, feral cat rescuer, and an avid gardener.  You can find her every day at her Tumblr blog:

Thank you & Welcome!

First off I’d like to WELCOME all the new subscribers to my art blog!!  I decided to try to gain new subscribers by posting on Facebook that I’d love to break 3000 followers and IT WORKED!  So, a big THANK YOU to all that read this blog, both old and new, and I hope you’ll enjoy what I post!  I promise to keep it interesting and informative without bombarding you with constant posts.  Also, you’ll be kept up to date on my exhibits, vending events and new artwork, and I’ll also keep featuring guest bloggers as it’s not “all about me”…there are many talented, creative people out there and we artists need to support each other!  So, if you’re an illustrator, painter, writer, crafter (especially of the Gothic or Steampunk genres), poet, tattoo-ers, etc. please leave me a comment here (& a LIKE) and let me know if you’d be interested in writing a guest blog post for this page!  Any press is good press (& this will be great press)  and I’ll include a link to your website too.   Just keep it related to art.

Its Your Day Card (c)Lauren Curtis

Its Your Day Card (c)Lauren Curtis

And, I hope you’ll ask your friends to subscribe to my blog too…the more the merrier…and please also leave comments on the types of art related topics you’d like me to discuss; marketing, social networking, exhibits, different mediums, freelance work, art fests, etc.  All comments and questions appreciated and answered!

THANKS AGAIN & now onto 4000 subscribers!

🙂 Lauren

Occupy Wall Street; A Writer’s View

Welcome my newest guest blogger, Patrick M. Arthur…we met on facebook and connected as creative people trying to make a difference with our art.  His art form is writing and he’s currently working on the release of his new book “Chasing O – One Journalist’s Odyssey from Occupy to Bliss”.  I felt that especially during these tough economic times where there seems to be more and more people becoming fed up with “the system” and speaking out, this was an appropriate blog to feature.  Here’s a bit about Patrick’s journey…

”History is hard to know, because of all the hired bullshit, but even without being sure of ‘history’ it seems entirely reasonable to think that every now and then the energy of a whole generation comes to a head in a long fine flash, for reasons that nobody really understands at the time—and which never explain, in retrospect, what actually happened.”

— Hunter S. Thompson

Patrick's Book Cover

Shit, I was there and I can’t explain it.  Certainly not with words alone, not the right ones, anyway; they don’t exist. You had to feel it. You had to be in New York City in September, 2011, standing in the middle of Liberty Plaza. You had to see not just one generation, race, ideology or income level, but all of them, from one extreme to the other, all drawn to the center of the world because of a feeling — because that’s where the energy was. The energy of a budding Revolution.

Later during that special Autumn, after a number of independently written articles on what I’d experienced, I was hired to report on Occupy Wall Street encampments in Washington, DC; Raleigh, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia and in New Orleans, the “Big Easy” itself.  At the time and even for months after I had come back from that adventure, the obsession was in trying to explain what the Movement was all about, what actually happened…but the words never came.

“Chasing O – One Journalist’s Odyssey from Occupy to Bliss” isn’t a retrospect on Occupy, its’ unheralded successes or spectacular failures. This upcoming book is the only way I know how to express that feeling, describing a journey that ended up being far more about finding my self than discovering the elusive element of protest that will make people “get it.” Once I figured out what I was really trying to convey to the world, the words exploded from my heart and my fingers and a true tale of personal discovery began to take shape.

Now that this work is nearly complete, another gonzo story ready to discover its’ way in a world filled with anxiety, fear and far too much loathing, my only hope is that you, the attuned reader, will find my odyssey to be one of adventure, pain, excitement, love, sorrow, loss, hope and most of all inspiration. A confirmation that the only way forward in a society designed to hold you back is to see the signpost marked “BLISS” and wander down whatever wild road it points you toward. Who knows? Perhaps one day you and I will meet at the mountaintop, look back and wonder why the hell we didn’t start climbing sooner.

Patrick M Arthur

If you would like to help this book achieve its’ full potential, have a look at my IndieGoGo fundraising campaign. Donate if you can, but please be sure to spread the word with friends and on social media;

The Great Blog Swap

When Artpromotivate blog founder, Graham Matthews offered artists a chance to be a part of his blog swap I jumped at the chance to be included!  His site is provides great, up-to-date, helpful info for artists and features creatives of all kinds on the site (yours truly included!).  He was kind enough to link my blog to his so I’m returning the favor and highly recommend you check out Artpromotivate!

OK, so here’s the link button…hope it works and shows up as a visual graphic….if not you’ll just see code & I’ll have to attempt to figure out how to get it to display properly, so if that happens, be patient with me!  😉

So, here goes:

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Art & Autism; Photos by Kenneth Teore

This blog was created not only to feature my work but to give other creatives a chance to share what they do, so when I was approached about featuring NJ artist Kenneth Teore  on my site, I could not refuse!   Here’s his story…

Anthem Institute Student Kenneth Teore’s Photography Exhibit

on Display at Monroe Township Public Library

for National Autism Awareness Month

Photos on exhibit now through April 30


NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. (April 19, 2013) – In honor of National Autism Awareness Month this April, the photographs of Monroe Township resident Kenneth Teore, a 22-year-old a student at Anthem Institute with Autism Spectrum Disorder, are on exhibit at the Monroe Township Public Library.

Despite his complex learning disabilities and high-functioning autism, Teore is excelling in the Graphic Design and Animation program at Anthem Institute’s North Brunswick campus. Teore is a gifted nature photographer and his education is helping him gain the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue his goals, which include working for National Geographic in film and photography. 

“Kenny sleeps, eats and drinks his program of studies,” said his mother Joananne Teore. “We are so grateful for Kenny’s incredible opportunity to attend Anthem, where not only does he have an excellent curriculum-based education, but also wonderful instructors who have enlightened him about reading social cues and enabled him to be successful by meeting his needs using assistive technology.”

Through his exhibit at the Monroe Township Public Library, Teore hopes to educate others about his experiences with autism, dyslexia and dysgraphia. The public is invited to view his display of more than 20 photographs beginning now through Tuesday, April 30. The library is located at 4 Municipal Plaza in Jamesburg.

“Kenny’s story is just one example of how we strive to work with each and every one of our students to help them succeed,” said Maria Veglia, Executive Director at Anthem Institute in North Brunswick. “We have full confidence that Kenny will successfully complete his program and look forward to helping him establish a fulfilling career.”

Anthem Institute’s Graphic Design and Animation diploma program gives students hands-on experience with Graphic Design Industry Standard applications. Students take courses in basic design, digital imaging and print, 3D modeling and 3D animation. They learn to use the same packages and tools as graphic design professionals, including 3D Studio Max and Adobe Master Collection Creative Suite and are introduced to standard markup/scripting languages such as HTML, PHP, CSS ActionScript and MySQL.

Taught by graphic design and web professionals, students can receive academic advising from professional education staff, which also arrange for tutoring services when needed and help organize study groups. Program graduates can compete for different kinds of entry-level positions in the graphic design field, including web designer or developer, flash animator, Photoshop specialist or multimedia designer or specialist.

Anthem Institute in North Brunswick is located at 651 US Route 1 South on the 1st floor. For more information about Anthem Education, please contact the campus locally at 855-331-7764

Kenneth Teore's Library Exhibit

Kenneth Teore’s Library Exhibit

Photo 1 Kenneth Teore Headshot

Photo 2 Library Exhibit

Brief: An exhibit of more than 20 nature photographs by Monroe Township resident Kenneth Teore, a 22-year-old a student at Anthem Institute with Autism Spectrum Disorder, are on display at the Monroe Township Public Library now through Tuesday, April 30 in honor of National Autism Awareness Month. The library is located at 4 Municipal Plaza in Jamesburg. Hours are Monday – Friday 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday 1 – 5 p.m. For more information, call 732-521-5000.


CHURN out the Art

Social networking does work and it’s great when you make connections that really click!  I connected with artist/Churn Magazine guru Jeff Monje via LinkedIn and right away he was kind enough to feature me in his art zine!  So, of course, I invited him to be a guest blogger here to return the favor and so he could share his inspiration with you as to how he developed his project.  So, here’s what he has to say…check out CHURN…you won’t be disappointed!




My name is Jeff Monje,  ARTIST & Founder of CHURN,
an ART, Music & fashion magazine . I created CHURN back in 1999 out of S.F. after graduating from the San Fransisco Art Institute with a B.A. in painting. Once out of school I quickly realized that promoting & selling your own artwork was more difficult than I had imagined. It was also apparent that many other artists were in the same situation, and after reflecting upon this I decided to take action and do something completely new to me…Publishing my own art magazine so there would be a vehicle of promotion on a much larger scale with more opportunities to sell my work as well as the opportunity for others to sell theirs too.  CHURN , an Art, Music & Fashion was then launched. The main idea behind the magazine besides being entertaining and informative was to help up & coming artists, musicians & fashion designers etc who didn’t get the exposure they deserved.  It was this ” Collective Community” approach  that was employed so as to help struggling artisans get work seen & sold.
We  experimented with different art/ music related subjects and interviews in the magazine to dig deeper in to the minds of the creators so that the audience would get a better appreciation of who these people are and why they are extremely important to the world. Artists, Musicians etc..are one part of humanity that glues the rest together. Having been at the magazine for years and after a hiatus of more than 12 years I decided to bring CHURN magazine back to the public in 2012 because so much is happening in the art / music scene and world that it was important enough to re-promote the creators. I will be doing the magazine for as long as I’m alive.  We welcome the world to submit their best!


CHURN titles john brophy

A bit more about Churn:
CHURN is an INDEPENDENT Publication Founded in 1999 -2000 out of S.F., California by Artist Jeff Monje. We stopped printing CHURN after issue #6 but have recently re-launched our publication online and in print coming out with issue #7 featuring World class artist John Brophy on the cover .We have featured some HUGE names in the Art / Music scene for a small run press. The goal from the beginning has never wavered. We want to help as many brilliant Artists, Musicians, Writers ,Theater Performers and Fashion Designers and more get the visibility they deserve through another venue .
WE WELCOME THE ARTISANS & MUSICIANS OF THE WORLD to submit your works for print and online!

Renee Phillips & the Healing Power of Art

Hello Creatives!
Have I got a treat for you today!  My guest blogger is “artrepreneur” & founder/director of Manhattan Arts International at,  Renee Phillips!

Now here’s a woman who is pro-active in her own career as well as tremendously helping others with their career goals.   A big focus for Renee is the healing power of art, which I think we can all take inspiration from, so I’ve asked her to describe her project in her own words…
Professionally, I’ve been devoted to the subject of Art and Healing, and Positive Change through Art, for at least 14 years. In my book Success NOW! For Artists, A Motivational Guide for The Artrepreneur, published in 1999, I have a section devoted to the Healing Power of Art.
All my life I have been a reader of Emerson, Thoreau, Jung, Peale, and others, and a strong believer in the power of positive thinking and the correlation between our thoughts and our reality.
As an artist, writer, and a career coach, I have always created from a place of pure love and joy.
Perhaps what triggered the original Celebrate The Healing Power of ART exhibitions was my desire to counterbalance a lot of the negative, angst-ridden art that I noticed was dominating the NYC art scene at the time. I felt a strong need to promote artists whose work emanated positive energy.
I believe in the “law of attraction” and as a career coach most of my clients have shared the same philosophy. I have become more focused on helping artists who have something positive to bring to the world. I have many written articles about artists who survived illness, grief, loss through their art and are helping others through the power of artistic self-expression.
When my mother was struggling with Alzheimer’s disease I saw firsthand how art helped her cope. She was unable to communicate verbally so we “spoke” through drawing and coloring together.
The Celebrate The Healing Power of ART exhibitions serve as a platform to bring our strong beliefs and truths about the power of art to heal, not only the creator of the art but viewers as well. And, the wondrous magic of it all is every artist has a unique way of expressing the message in many different styles and mediums.
And, that’s why I feel very strongly about bringing positive healing art to a global audience through Celebrate The Healing Power of ART exhibitions. In recent years I added the word “Celebrate” because the word injects bliss and hope.
One of my greatest pleasures is being on the jurying panel and viewing the art submissions! I feel that I connect to the artist and their heart and soul through the work they create.
All the best,
Here’s some samples of winning artwork from Renee’s Healing Power of Art contests:
Orion (Meaningful Life)
Benny H.V. Andersson (Bridge over Infinity)
Carolyn Abrams (Contemplating)
Winning Healing Art

Winning Healing Art

reneeart1 reneeart2

Here’s where you can see what Renee’s up to:
Manhattan Arts International
Join Renee
Twitter reneephillipsny
Facebook ReneePhillipsArtCoach

Art with soul; a call for artists & poets!

Art can bridge gaps, start discussion and have healing effects.  These are 
some of the main reasons i love being represented by Gallery U in Red Bank!
They strive to help others through creativity and here's just on example.  So
if you're an artist/poet and also a social worker, this one's for you!


In celebration of Social Work Month 2013, Gallery U in Red Bank NJ
presents a month long celebration of social workers in New Jersey. A
number of events are scheduled for the month, including an exhibition
celebrating artwork by social workers and a special edition of POETRY
U focusing on poetry by New Jersey social workers.
We are currently looking for artwork by social workers (current,
retired and students) who are also artists. You can find submission
guidelines at in our
"file" section.
We are also looking for social workers who are poets to join this
special POETRY U event scheduled for Friday, March 22 from 7-9 PM. If
you would like to be considered for a featured reader spot at POETRY
U’s SWART event, please send three sample poems to Submissions must be received by March 1,
Please pass this opportunity to anyone who may be interested.


Hi All!  I’ll make this short and sweet being it’s New Year’s Day and you’re all either exhausted, hung-over or both after last night’s festivities…and if not, then I hope you still had fun whatever you did!  I just want to wish you all a HAPPY, HEALTHY, CREATIVE, PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!  Thanks for reading my blog and I’m planning on posting even more interesting, artistic blogs in 2013, not only from myself but some exciting guest bloggers as well….stay tuned….

Icicle Card(c)Lauren Curtis

Icicle Card(c)Lauren Curtis

Winter Snow (NJ) (c)Lauren Curtis

Winter Snow (NJ) (c)Lauren Curtis