Art for Revelation/Revolution

Reminisce (c)2013, watercolor and collage

Gallery spaces these days have expanded far beyond the typical white-walled, NYC (or insert big city here) space…and this is a great thing as it opens up so many more opportunities for artists to show their work and for it to be seen by a wider range of people!  One of these newer spaces that I really enjoy exhibiting my work in is Nails in the Wall Gallery, located within the St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Metuchen, NJ.

This Saturday, 1/24, from 2pm-5pm, the newest exhibition opens up with a fascinating reception featuring in-depth talks with some of the artists about their work and how it relates to the current theme of “Revelation/Revolution” and how this applies to all forms of “organized religion”.  I’ll have the 2 pieces in this blog in the show along with works from other artists from across the US!  If you’re in the area, please join us…here’s more info. supplied by the gallery:

Nails in the Wall, the Metuchen art gallery sponsored by St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (17 Oak Ave. / Metuchen),

will begin its 2015 Season Saturday, January 24, 2-5pm, with REVELATION / REVOLUTION. 

This exhibit will include work from nearly twenty artists both from around the U.S.

as well as outside the country, with art that focuses on the power of God’s Word.  


Reminisce (c)2013, watercolor and collage

Reminisce (c)2013, watercolor and collage

Local photographer David Glasofer will speak at the Opening,

along with Teaneck sculptor Anthony Santella,

Ontario, Canada artist Shakil Kahn and Sara Paige Hoag from Urbana, IL. 


Join us for this free event with high quality art and refreshments provided by the Metuchen Inn!


Omen (c)2011 Lauren Curtis

Omen (c)2011 Lauren Curtis, oil painting with decoupage

The exhibit, which includes painting, photography, mixed-media and free standing sculpture,

runs from January 24 through May 31, 2015. 

The gallery is open daily. Times and other details can be found at

or by contacting the Gallery Director, 732.322.6512 /

Artful Wishes for a New Year!

Dream Of Trees 2, oils (c)Lauren Curtis

HAPPY, HEALTHY & PROSPEROUS New Year’s Wishes to you!  Whether you venture out or stay in to celebrate the beginning of 2015, I hope you enjoy yourself & ring in the new year right!  May your creative side come out in full force in a positive way!

I’m starting of 2015 with some exciting gallery exhibits & freelance work, so here’s the scoop…if you’re in NJ, I hope you can join me at these art openings:

DRAMATIC SKIES 2015, group exhibition, Gourgaud Gallery, 23A North Main St. (in Town Hall Bldg.), Cranbury, NJ.  Opening reception Sunday 1/4/15, 1pm-3pm, refreshments served.  Show runs thru 1/25/15.

Dream Of Trees 2, oils (c)Lauren Curtis

Dream Of Trees 2, oils (c)Lauren Curtis

REVELATION/REVOLUTION  group exhibit, Nails in the Wall Gallery (in St. Luke’s Church), 17 Oak Ave., Metuchen, NJ. Opening reception, Saturday, 1/24/15 (time TBA but most likely around 3pm). Show will be up for several months.  

Reminisce (c)2013, watercolor and collage

Reminisce (c)2013, watercolor and collage

I also have an art article in the holiday issue of WILD SISTER MAGAZINE!  To check it out, here’s the link:

Finally, I’ve been getting some really fun freelance commission work like children’s book illustration and pet portraits…2 of my latest creations are below & click on the links to my art sites for more!

Children's Book Illustration, Oct2014

Children’s Book Illustration, Oct2014

Pet Portrait, pen & ink w/ watercolors, Dec2014

Pet Portrait, pen & ink w/ watercolors, Dec2014

Hope to see you at an exhibition &/or online.  Have a wonderful, art-filled New Year!!
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Holiday Wishes & Art News

WISHING ALL a very HAPPY, HEALTHY HOLIDAY SEASON!! Hoping you spend time with good friends & family enjoying life together!!

Please support local artists and crafters this year by buying hand-made, creative & very affordable gifts!  PAZ on Main St. in Highland Park, NJ is hosting it’s annual Winter Art Bazaar!  I have many small pieces available that make perfect gifts!  Stop by now thru Dec. 23.  Info. on flyer below…

PAZ WinterShowFlyer2014

PAZ WinterShowFlyer2014

It’s also time for my ANNUAL HOLIDAY ART SALE!!  I’m offering 20% off all purchases of ORIGINAL PAINTINGS & PHOTOGRAPHS!

Omen (c)2011 Lauren Curtis

Omen (c)2011 Lauren Curtis, oil painting with decoupage

Please visit  to see a wide variety of my work. Prices starting at just $50 (before discount!) for 8×10 matted, signed photos. Mixed media & oil paintings available. Inexpensive repro. prints too (not on sale, but starting at only $25)!  Feel free to contact me for more information! Sale on originals now thru Dec. 20, 2014.  PAYPAL accepted to me at

Other exciting art news!
I’ll have an article about being true to your craft & personal path coming out soon in WILD SISTER MAGAZINE!  Check my websites for details after 12/15!

New Jewelry by Lauren

New Jewelry by Lauren

JEWELRY SALE!  I’m offering 10% OFF all sales of $25+ of my original Steampunk/Gothic style necklaces & bracelets!  All 1-of-a-kind designs!  Visit 
to see some pics or email me for more info.  Prices range from just $15 – $30!  Custom orders welcome!
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Yule, Happy New Year!!!

HAPPY JULY 4th! & art news

HAPPY 4th of July!

Hope you’re enjoying your summer so far and all the outdoor activities that go along with it!  I’ve been busy preparing for new art gallery exhibits, outdoor art and music fests and creating new Steampunk jewelry creations as well as working on commissions and freelance design projects ….and enjoying summer in between all that.  Take a look at what’s happening this month:

GALLERY ARTISTS SHOWCASE group exhibition.  My “Morgana’s Murder” oil painting (below) is in this show!  July 7 – Sept. 30, 2014, Meet the artists reception Fri., July 11, 6:30pm-8pm.  THE GALLERY at  South Brunswick Municipal Building, 540 Route 522,  Monmouth Junction, NJ

Morgana's Murder, oils (c)Lauren Curtis

Morgana’s Murder, oils (c)Lauren Curtis

Environmental preservation is very important, especially in NJ where we have such a wide variety of terrain, so I’m very happy to have my photography selected to be included in up-coming publications and websites about the historic D&R Canal and the Raritan River!   One of the selected images, “Fungus Lace”,  is shown below.  Once the publications are out I’ll be posting the links in future newsletters so stay tuned!

D&R Canal (c)Nov2012 funguslace1

D&R Canal (c)Nov2012 funguslace1

Take care & enjoy the holiday weekend (for those in the US)!!

What’s up with me?

Hope you all had a happy Memorial Day Weekend, for those of you in the US, but for most of us, we seem to get busier in the summertime as there are more events to choose from & attend.  So, what’s up with me over the next month?  Here you go… a synopsis of all the cool art events that I have work in through June… and a few links to some great art videos and interviews in case you missed them before…

FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS Group Show at Pierro Gallery,
Baird Center, 5 Mead St., So. Orange, NJ, 07079

Opening reception Sun. June 1, 2pm-4pm. 
I’ll have two of my x-ray digital photo collages in this show.
Exhibition runs through June 21, 2014.


Friends & Neighbors Flyer June2014

Friends & Neighbors Flyer June2014



EBruns Art Award June2011

E. Bruns. Art Award, 1st Prize, June2011

In Bloom: Flowers & Gardens in Art, Group Exhibit, Barron Arts Center, 582 Rahway Ave., Woodbridge, NJ, 07095  
Opening Reception, Tues., June 17, 7pm-9pm.
Show runs June 7-22.  I have 3 pieces in this exhibit.


BrainFlower (c)Lauren Curtis Sept.2012 Digital Photo Collage

Brain Flower (c)Lauren Curtis Sept.2012
Digital Photo Collage

Immigration, Group Exhibit, Nails in the Wall Gallery, 17 Oak Ave., Metuchen, NJ. Opening to be announced.  Show runs thru May 31, 2014.

Old School, Transformations Gallery in The Old Franklin Schoolhouse, 491 Middlesex Ave. (Rt.27 N.), Metuchen, NJ.  Opening reception Sat. March 15, 7pm-9pm.Runs thru July 7, 2014.

Palette, Group Exhibition, Gallery U, Westfield, NJ, Opening Reception Thurs. May 1, 2014, 6pm-8pm, show runs thru May.

New Jersey’s Natural Wonders, Group Show, So. Brunswick, NJ Municipal Gallery, Monmouth Jct., NJ.  Opening Reception Fri. 4/11/14, 6:30pm-8pm.. Show runs thru
July 1, 2014.

With the warmer weather comes outdoor art events & I’ll be participating in many throughout NJ!  To keep up to date, please sign up for my monthly art e-newsletter!  Just go to my CONTACT page on to sign up.  Thank you!

Short YouTube video about my 2014 solo art exhibit in Highland Park, NJ:
Cool ART VIDEO my friend created for me on YouTube:
Radio artist interview with Susun Weed for Wise Woman Radio:

Old School, Strong Women in Art

Happy (almost) Spring!  Here on the East Coast it’s finally warming up, it’s lighter later & people are feeling more energized to get out and do things & this is true in the art community too!  So join me and other “Old School & Strong Women” artists at these exciting new art exhibits in Central & North New Jersey…

Old School, Transformations Gallery in The Old Franklin Schoolhouse, 491 Middlesex Ave. (Rt.27 N.), Metuchen, NJ.  Opening reception Sat. March 15, 7pm-9pm. 


Old School Show, March 2014

Old School Show, March 2014

Strong Women,
Group Exhibit, Ahavas Shalom Gallery, 145 Broadway, Newark, NJ,
Opening Reception, Wed. March 19, 6pm-8pm.

STRONG WOMEN show March 2014

STRONG WOMEN show March 2014

Art repros. & artist info on display at Lundbeck Research Corp. Gallery, Paramus, NJ, March, 2014.  (Private showing for Lundbeck Corporation.)

Follow me & I’ll follow you…on Twitter!  I finally bit the bullet and joined yet another social network so join me in the “Tweetosphere”! Here’s where you can find me:

The Art of Nick Rosal

My goal for this art blog is to not only introduce you to and update you on my own artwork but to expose you to other creatives out there so we can all share our work and artistic experiences.  So, for the 2nd time this year, I’d like to share another artist friend’s work and words with you.  I’ve known painter, designer and gallery owner NICK ROSAL for many years…way back to those mystical times known as the 80’s when we both worked for the corporate gallery machine in Woodbridge Center Mall in NJ!  Now we’re both professional artists and we’ve learned from the many art and non art related jobs we have had which, good or bad, lead to our own creative development.  To share his story, here’s what Nick has to say about his career…


by Nick Rosal

Art is self defined. Artists will define it differently from the audience due to the separate experiences of artists pushing their own creative boundaries and the audiences’ personal experiences and interaction of their own arts culture. Because of this, I believe the definition of art has a life of its own as it gets realized, redefined and debated. But in my definition of art, communicating a concept is paramount. Without that articulation, the painting (or whatever chosen medium) becomes a simple exercise of color and form for me. It was the commercial art field I left that helped me focus on communicating my concepts; to help me communicate with my audience.

My original major at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn was graphic design and advertising. In my third year of art school I started working in a small design agency in NYC and decided, after a year of working in my trade, that I hated it and left. I didn’t even finish art school. At the time, I had found the “creative process suffocating”, the concept of “focusing on your target market” akin to having blinders on and had a problem with art directors (aka authority). I blame it on youth.

Nick Rosal, Get Rid Of Old Friends

Nick Rosal, Get Rid Of Old Friends

However, my learned theories of communicating to the audience through advertising design influenced not only my imagery, but my approach to the audience with a narrative. Not only was I using symbolism in my figure paintings to tell my story, I was starting to use typography, collage and graphic elements in my painting as well. I actually learned something from art school! In my painting titled “Inventory”, (oil on canvas 40″x55″ © 2014) the chrysanthemums were purposely chosen to symbolize the figure’s relationships; even the color of the flowers, drapery and position of the figure are all intentionally placed to subtly communicate the story. In “Get Rid of Old Friends Acquire New Enemies” (mixed media on canvas 20″ x 48″ © 2010) I used newspaper clippings of the U.S. involvement with Afghanistan and juxtaposed them with gaming ads to create commentary on violence in role playing and the real world. Both images are my efforts to communicate my feelings on personal and social issues.

I continued to use imagery to comment on social observations when I had the luxury of owning a gallery space in NYC by inviting artists to address the themes I presented to them. Because MH Art & Framing was primarily custom framing and art services with a large gallery space, I wasn’t forced to find a niche market like other galleries that focused on their specializations. I had the freedom to create a dialogue with my audience again, but not just with my paintings, but with other artists that could successfully articulate the motif of the exhibits. My canvas was now the gallery walls covered with a mosaic of eclectic images from individual artists with their own definitions of art. All of these independent visuals invariably became a point of convergence in the exhibit’s theme.

Nick Rosal, Her Inventory

Nick Rosal, Her Inventory

It’s with the disciplines learned from a parallel profession early in my art career, that I created a dialogue with the viewer. With the benefit of that early experience in advertising, I continued to hone not only my fine art painting techniques, but the ability to share and communicate my observations, beliefs, tales and mythologies to the audience.

You can see the work of Nick Rosal at The two images are described at length here ( and here (