Can you SEE ME?

There are many online art competitions these days but this one is very cool…and totally legit!  SEE/ME allows artists to post a free portfolio and get supporters (no money involved) to give us a chance at awards and to have our work seen on huge, electronic billboards in Times Square, NYC!

So…Will you support my artwork on See/ME?? Please visit my new See Me art page & click the SUPPORT button on the right side of my page, next to my artist statement, under this X-ray art image:

Micro/Macrocom Tree (c)2010 Lauren Curtis

Digital photo collage using actual x-ray images.

You can do it via your FB profile so you don’t have to join the site!
Much appreciated….trying to get my work to Times Square!   You can also click on each of the images in my profile and LIKE them in facebook and PIN them in Pinterest.  Here’s the link:

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Haunting art happenings for Halloween

It’s lurking just around the corner….don’t you feel the chill in the air?  See how it gets a bit darker earlier every day?  Halloween is almost upon us and you need to be prepared to be scared!  So, start sending out those Halloween cards and sporting your Halloween shirts and get ready for a hauntingly good time…


Halloween flyer

Halloween flyer

Just in time for the spookiest day…night…of the year!  Get your cool T’s & cards today to have them in time to haunt your friends.  All cards, $3 each + s/h, minimum order of 5 cards.  Shirts are $25 – $35 each (INCLUDES S/H!) depending on size & color; white or black 100% pre-shrunk cotton shirts, S,M,LG,XL.XXL. LONG SLEEVE NOW AVAILABLE starting at $35ea.  To see more designs go to the shirts/card pg. here: PAYPAL ACCEPTED to
Checks/ $-orders to:
Lauren Curtis
P.O. Box 193
Franklin Park, NJ  08823

Halloween is my favorite time of year so I’m looking forward to having artwork in these October exhibits;

Omen (c)2011 Lauren Curtis

Omen (c)2011 Lauren Curtis, oil painting with decoupage

1. 10th ANNUAL SURREALIST, VISIONARY, & ART of the SPIRIT    EXHIBITION    I’ll have several paintings in this ONLINE show so check it out on from Oct. 1-31, 2012!  Artists from across the US & abroad are represented in this show!

InnerVoice (c)2010 Lauren Curtis

Inner Voice (c)2010 Lauren Curtis, digital photo collage from my “X-RAYted” series

2. UMDNJ FALL ARTS FESTIVAL RECEPTION   This show will have 2 of my large, digital photo collages from the “X-RAYted” series.
Its a wonderful opportunity to chat with many of the exhibiting artists who will be present at the reception. RSVP: Noreen Gomez (    Thursday, October 18, 2012  4:00pm-6:00pm
New Jersey Medical School, 185 South Orange Ave., B-Level Grand Foyer, Newark, N.J.

GalleryU Something Wicked... Art show flyer Oct2012

GalleryU Something Wicked… Art show flyer Oct2012

3. SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES…TO GALLERY U    Two more of my digital photo collages from the “X-RAYted” series will be in this fun Halloween art exhibit!  Masquerade party with Art from throughout NJ, food, music, costumes…if you dare…at the opening reception on THE night itself, HALLOWEEN!  10/31/12  6pm- 9pm  Gallery U, 80 Broad St., Red Bank, NJ  07710,  (732) 747-6696   Show runs to Nov. 20, 2012.  Be there or BEWARE!!!

Hope to see you at these events and thanks for reading,


AMBIENCE and ENERGY FIELDS; a new exhibit

Wow, it’s already September and almost Autumn!  This month I’m exhibiting artwork in an event literally every weekend so I thought I’d share some of them with you.  Here’s a show you can all check out sitting in the comfort of your home as it’s online…I have several of my “X-RAYted” digital photo collage pieces in this show, one is featured on the postcard below!

CALADAN GALLERY presents a juried exhibition of 8 national artists entitled “AMBIENCE and ENERGY FIELDS”. There are pockets of energy all around us, both seen and unseen. Radio waves, televisions waves, microwaves; all of these influence light, matter, energy, and life itself. It influences consciousness, and decisions. It is reflected directly and indirectly in art and music. It stems from, also, planetary energies and the hidden messages of the cosmos. It manifested through Bach, in the repetition of sound, as well as the sound of rain as it reaches and permeates the earth. The work selected for this exhibition ranges from the subtle surface to the literal translation. It is the suggestion of the perpetual nature of motion that identifies and illustrates this exhibition.

Solo exhibition artist GEORGE SHAW writes of his sculpture: “In a moment everything changes. The past is changed and the future is transformed. All is revealed and the sky looks different. That moment acts as a portal into the possible. The Buddhists refer to this as kensho. This recent series of work is an exploration of that moment. Most of the paintings are 12”X12”, with multiples approximately the same size. I have kept this scale to invite a personal exploration of a moment. The paintings are treated as objects and are not intended to be pictorial representations of a portal or the Moment, but as an impression or idealization of a particular moment in time. “In Time, All Will Be Revealed”.”  These exhibitions will be on-line at from September 1 – 30, 2012. For more information, please call (617) 838-8929 or email us at

Of my work in this show, gallery director Marjorie Kaye says:  Works by gallery member Lauren Curtis (Franklin Park, NJ) are part of a series entitled “X-Rayted CurioCITIES”. By the utilization of x-rays and the superimposing of digital images, the artist has created an energy field; although it seems alien in content, it is a parallel of the energy field of feeling, emotion, and experience. If our thoughts have an energy field, the artist has caught the essence of the subconscious and the contemplative in these works.

Postcard for Caladan Gallery Show, Sept., 2012

“Ambience & Energy Show”, Caladan Gallery. One of my x-ray digital photo collages is featured on the top right.

Gallery U; Art that heals

Recently I was approached by Gallery U (Red Bank location) manager/curator Robert Langdon, to exhibit in the “Awakenings” show…the 1st in a hopefully long-running series of group shows.  Well, I’m so glad I did because not only was it a fantastic opening, but I’m proud to now be represented by Gallery U and have been participating in these shows for the last few months.   It’s a great feeling to know my artwork is helping people and Robert does an excellent job of promoting not only the gallery, but the artists and the great causes Gallery U supports.  It’s a wonderful concept to utilize art to aid in healing as well as to bring the community together in creative ways.  So, I felt that given the unique and helpful qualities Galley U possesses, I wanted to feature these special spaces in my blog.  Thanks to Robert Langdon for the following article and photos.  I hope this will encourage you to get involved!

The headline that Monmouth County’s newspaper, Tri-City News, used for Gallery U’s cover profile was “Among One of the Greatest Stories We’ve Ever Told.” A pretty strong statement. But a justified one.

For those unfamiliar with Gallery U (with locations in Red Bank, NJ; Montclair, NJ; Bethlehem, PA; and Royal Oaks, MI) let me offer a brief introduction. The galleries themselves are owned by Universal Institute, a rehabilitation center for adults with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and acts as an extension of their Vocational Training Program. Each Gallery U is a fully-functional art space that exhibits original contemporary art, but what makes them stand out among other traditional galleries is that their main purpose is to offer their clients with TBI an opportunity to engage with their community and rejoin the workforce. The daily tasks at each location, such as inventory and customer relations, are handled by Universal’s TBI clients. In addition, vocational therapy is offered using art as a medium under the direction of resident artist Carmen Bury.

Galley U holds monthly group exhibitions with a focus on exhibiting local artists and at least 10%-20% of the art created by Universal’s clients. Some of the art is created by individual clients or collaboratively where each client adds an element until it is a completed piece of art. Gallery U strives to make art accessible and affordable with no retail price exceeding $500. Proceeds of all art sold go to the artists and toward funding Universal’s vocational programs.

My own involvement with Gallery U started with the opening of their first location in Montclair, NJ in

2009, and my photography has been included in a number of their exhibitions since. In 2010 I developed and coordinated a monthly poetry reading series called Poetry U which continues to be very successful. The folks at Universal Institute liked what I was doing in Montclair so much that in January of this year, they offered me the opportunity to manage Gallery U in Red Bank. This location was opened in 2011, but there was not one person dedicated to working the Gallery exclusively. Instead, the main focus of the staff at Red Bank was dedicated to providing for Universal’s clients. With my work dedicated to bringing in new monthly exhibitions and collaborating with the community, Gallery U is quickly becoming a leader in the Red Bank community.

For those unfamiliar with Red Bank, NJ, it’s a true artist community with galleries and various food and retail spaces exhibiting original art. The people in this quaint community welcomed us with open arms by turning out in massive numbers for our March opening, “Awakenings” and for each event since. Everyone was, and continues to be, anxious to meet and support the new kids on the block. Mayor Pasquale Menna invited us to a one-on-one sit down to discuss some ideas to support the community and bring Red Bank back to the forefront of art in Central and Southern NJ.

Gallery U took the lead in developing a Red Bank Art Walk held on May 11, 2012. Everyone in the community was excited to see this event come back to their town after over three years. Twenty-three venues that exhibit original art, from traditional galleries to restaurants and cafes to places of worship, signed on to host the community on the evening of the Art Walk. And the community turned out on a beautiful spring night to walk the streets of Red Bank, view the fantastic art on display and support their neighborhood. Another Red Bank Art Walk is being planned for the end of this summer.

In addition to holding monthly art shows, Red Bank’s Gallery U is quickly positioning themselves as a community resource by aligning themselves with and using their space to benefit community organizations. In the past few months we have held a fundraiser for The Mental Health Association of Monmouth County with proceeds of all art sold donated to the Association, and hosted a wine-tasting fundraiser for a local Relay for Life team. Upcoming events include “Student Life” on June 8, 2012, a special exhibition of local high school student art with proceeds donated to the high school art department that each student represents; a special fundraiser of children’s art called “The Kidz Are Alright” on August 5, 2012, with all art proceeds donated to Stomp the Monster, an organization dedicated to helping those afflicted with cancer; and a special exhibition on September 6, 2012, of artwork by members of Shore House, an organization dedicated to working with people with mental disabilities.

Red Bank’s Gallery U is also looking to make their spacious gallery a place to hang-out for a few hours and enjoy art in its many forms. Poetry U, a monthly spoken word series with 5-6 featured poets per event, will begin on July 20, 2012 in Red Bank, and music nights with a few featured bands will begin shortly.

Gallery U offers a wonderful opportunity for both emerging and established artists to exhibit their work, for poets to share their craft, and for musicians for perform before a live audience. If you are interested in being a part of our venture by including your art in one of our group shows or by being a featured reader at a Poetry U event, please send a sample to Gallery U Manager and Curator, Robert Langdon at or call (732) 747-6696. If you are not artistically inclined, but see the true value in the arts, please join Gallery U by attending our various events or by just stopping in to say hello and explore what we have to offer Red Bank and the community at large.

Gallery U is located at 80 Broad Street in Red Bank, NJ.

Join our Facebook page to keep updated on upcoming events at our Red Bank location:!/groups/251637761584426/

Find out what is going on at all Gallery U locations:

Here are some photos (compliment of the gallery) of Robert & his staff, as well as shots of the gallery and “Awakenings” opening & poetry readings…

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On the radio & other art news.

They say all press is good press but I still prefer GOOD good press…so I’m very happy about the recent airing of my radio interview with well known herbalist & holistic practitioner Susun Weed!  Last year she asked if she could interview me about my artwork since much of it relates to nature and Earth-centered spirituality and she felt it would be an interesting topic for her women’s radio show (but of course you don’t have to be a woman to enjoy it!).  So, here’s the link of where you can hear it and see some of my artwork on her website.   And while I’m at it I might as well post info. about some other art exhibits I’m a part of this month:

Susun Weed features healers, herbalists, artists, etc. whose work has a connection with Nature.  My interview is up now and here’s the link to check it out:

HYPER-REAL JURIED EXHIBIT; Visit Caladan Gallery online for the newest show…I have several photos in this ONLINE exhibit along with artists from across the US & abroad.  Of my work, gallery director Marjorie Kaye says: Photographs by gallery member Lauren Curtis (Franklin Park, NJ) examine, with an almost microscopic eye, the senses associated with natural forms. The viewer is drawn into the photographs, which are otherworldly, as if depicting plant forms that don’t occur anywhere but in the realm of the artist’s observation. We feel the coolness, the damp reality of growth.
You can view the show on  
Show runs 4/1/12 – 5/9/12. 

ZOOANALIA JURIED NJ ART EXHIBIT; Join me and other NJ artists for the opening reception for this animal art influenced exhibit!  Show opens Tues. night, 4/10/12, 6:30pm-8pm, South Brunswick Arts Commission Gallery in the Municipal Bldg., 540 Rt. 522/Ridge Rd., Monmouth Jct., NJ 08852.  732-329-4000 ext. 7635  Show runs thru June 26, 2012.  Gallery open weekdays…call for more details.

My artwork, a pen & ink drawing (shown below) originally commissioned by a major crafter company for national craft expos, was selected to be the Spring cover art for INNER REALM MAGAZINE!  Have a peek:

More updates soon…June is booked solid with art shows and fests all around NJ…stay tuned!

🙂 Lauren

March with ART!

Despite the fact that NJ and the surrounding areas have had a very mild winter, I’m still looking forward to spring…and it’s just weeks away!  And now’s the time when not only the Earth awakens but the art world as well.  The exhibits and events start really rolling again and I’m in THREE shows this month!  Plus, St. Patrick’s Day fast approaches and I some fun and CHEAP (as in low cost, not low quality!) St. Pat’s rubberstamp designs available so you can create your own cards, scrapbook pages and more….so read on, dear bloggers, for the info…

1. To celebrate Women’s History Month  the Hudson County Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs is hosting a juried photography exhibit, The Female Eye, of women artists from the NY/NJ area & I have a photo in this show!  It opens Monday March 5 (6-8pm) and runs through  March 30, 2012; there’ll be a CLOSING PARTY on 3/30, 6-9pm as well at The Brennan Gallery in the court house, 583 Newark Ave., Jersey City, NJ  201-459-2070

2. Please join me for the opening reception of AWAKENINGS!  Original, affordable art, live music and more…and all for a good cause (% of proceeds go to people recovering from traumatic brain injuries)!  Artwork all $500 and below so come out for an evening of creativity and help others!  Friday, March 16, 6-9pm,  Gallery U, 80 Broad St., Red Bank, NJ.  Show runs thru 4/16/12

3. ONLINE NOW!  The new juried art exhibit, ISOLATION, hosted by Caladan Gallery of MA.  I have several  photos in this show along with other artists from across the US & abroad!  And you don’t have to leave home to see it…just go to and take a look.

4. I’m happy to now be working with the rubberstamp/crafter company, STAMP-N-DOODLE!  They’re selling digital stamps for scrapbooking and other craft projects on their website!  I have sets of Victorian holiday collages and more so check it out..VERY affordable & a fun way to create your own art!

Take care,
Lauren (commercial & fine art) (fine art, photography, art updates) (cards, T-shirts, photography, illustration) (Facebook Fan Page)

Dark Victorian Dreams & other art happenings.

Hello All!

I can’t believe summer is coming to a close…and what an ending here in NJ with earthquakes and hurricanes!  Mother Nature is speaking loud & clear!  I’m happy to report that all’s well in my neck of the woods and hoping those that were effected by these events came out OK!

Autumn is starting off busy in the NJ & online art scenes and here’s a bunch of events I’m involved with:

DARK VICTORIAN DREAMS Come to Artisanal Tattoo 9/17/11
Join me and artist Yvette Lytle for our 2 artist exhibit, Dark Victorian Dreams, at Artisanal Tattoo in Somerville.  Gothic, Victorian-influenced artwork is the theme of the show & we’ll have an opening reception party on Sat. 9/17/11, 8:30pm-11:30pm.  Music and refreshments. FREE event!  26 Davenport St., Somerville, NJ.  Hope to see you there!

WHEN WINTER COMES Juried Group Show in So. Brunswick, NJ
I know it’s tough to think about winter when it’s the last weeks of summer but the So. Brunswick Arts Commission is hosting a juried art exhibit of local artists with a winter theme and I have 2 pieces accepted for the show.  Come on out for the opening reception & meet the artists, Tuesday, 9/20/11, 6:30-8pm, at the Municipal Gallery, 540 Route 522/Ridge Rd., Monmouth Jct., NJ 08852  732-329-4000 ext. 7635

It’s that time of year again for the Highland Park Arts in the Park event!  Tons of local artists (including yours truly) displaying & selling our wares along with music, food, kids booths & more so come out for this FREE event on Sunday, Sept. 25, 10am-4pm.  Look for my booth of mixed media photography, greeting cards & t-shirts!

This month I have new photographs in Caladan Gallery’s newest online exhibit..all you have to do is go to to check it out!
And just a reminder that I now have work represented by Trillium Gallery…here’s my direct link:

Thanks again for reading!  Feel free to email me for more info. about these events.
~Lauren & fine art) art, photography, art updates), T-shirts, photography, illustration) Fan Page)

Unique Art & New Gallery!

Hello & hope you’re all enjoying this 2nd half of summer.  As the temps cool down a bit, art events are just warming up…

What makes New Brunswick, NJ unique?
Find out Friday, 8/26/11, 6pm; come to the opening for the New Brunswick  Unique Art Exhibit.
I’ll have 3 photos in this juried show.  Starts at the New Brunswick Free
Public Library, 60 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick, NJ  08901
Winning photos to be exhibited later that night at another location in town.

New Gallery Representation!
I’m proud to announce that new gallery representation for my photography is in the works!
TRILLIUM GALLERY in Glenford, NY will be representing some of
my work on their new, online gallery,

with the option to have work in their brick-&-mortar gallery as well!  More on this

I have new photos in this ONLINE juried exhibit on  Check out this interesting show with artists from around the globe!  Caladan always comes up with fascinating themes for the artists to focus on.  Show goes up on Sept. 1, 2011!!

Thanks for reading!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions
about these events, my art work, commissions, etc.
Enjoy the rest of your summer!
~Lauren & fine art) art, photography, art updates), T-shirts, photography, illustration) Fan Page)

Hot Summer Art Events!

Summer is here already in full force, so hope you’re staying cool but enjoying the sun!  And I hope you’ll join me at these art events I have coming up:

1. ANNUAL CLOTHESLINE JURIED ART SHOW.  Every year to celebrate July 4th weekend Franklin Twnsp. holds a FREE outdoor juried art show & afterwards the best FIREWORKS in the area!  Kids booths,  art & family fun…all FREE!  SUNDAY, 7/3/11,  6:30pm-8pm then the FIREWORKS SHOW begins!  Franklin Twnsp. Municipal Complex, 475
DeMott Ln., Somerset, NJ 08873  (rain date July 8)

2. JOURNEYS 2 artist exhibit at Metuchen’s Gallery @ the Rotunda.  Join me & photographer Mark Harris for our art opening on SUNDAY 7/17/11, 4-7pm.  I’ll be exhibiting travel photography from across the US & Europe & Mark will show images from his travels as well.
The gallery is in Borough Hall, 500 Main St., Metuchen, NJ 08840  732-632-8502  Light refreshments served.  (flyer attached)
Show runs thru Sept.

3.  DEPTH OF MEANING Juried ONLINE exhibit at
You can see this show featuring some of my new 35mm B&W New Orleans photos from anywhere as it’s ONLINE!  Also featuring artists from across the US!

NOTE:  PIECETIMEPUZZLES.COM is featuring my NEW PUZZLE SERIES featuring my nighttime European photos called EUROPEAN NIGHTS!  These make affordable, unique, creative gifts or buy one for yourself to pass the time during the hot, summer days!

Thanks for reading and see you soon!!
🙂 Lauren (commercial & fine art) (fine art, photography, art updates) (cards, T-shirts, photography, illustration) (Facebook Fan Page

Marjorie’s Mystical Mandalas & More (guest artist)

Happy Solstice everyone!  The seasons are changing so quickly but bring new creative inspiration!  So thought I’d start the summer off with a guest blog from my friend and gallery director, Marjorie Kaye.

Marjorie is the director of Caladan Gallery ( and has represented my work for several years.  I love working with her…she always comes up with the most interesting, thought-provoking themes for her exhibits, and many of these themes she explores in her own art work.  So, I’d like to share it with you along with her own words about her creations & hope youll check out the gallery online as well!

My paintings and sculptural forms address directional flow. Layers of color and form are applied, the birth and rebirth of energy and rapid movement. Here is an interplay of all aspects of metamorphosis, emotional and existential; a dialogue between the natural world and human-constructed environment. The work starts as pure gesture, the infrastructure of elements of the eternal essence of both the natural world – wind and fire specifically – and the accompanying components of human emotion and spirit

The spark of consciousness borne in primitive societies were understood through adoration and worship of the natural world as the harboring of spirit and intrinsic knowledge. Humankind and the natural world were interlocked, a One-World, inseparable elements of cohabitation. Somewhere, we, as denizens of this One-World, began the drifting, and the result is that the majority of the “advanced” populations are existing in a world of their own making, one of destruction, attainment and ego-self only. This, as we know, has dire consequences both for the earth and for ourselves. The earth is in a state of unrest. Contemporary populations are in a state of continuous angst. We are destroying that which sustains us

The components of my work strive to express a balance between human and natural evolution; the most obvious example is the sculptural piece “A Place for Metamorphosis”, in which the actual work will be a home base for developing caterpillars. This piece will be part of an invented ecosystem dedicated to this process; plants, nectar, all being essentially connected to the form of the sculpture

Both paintings and some of the sculptural pieces start with a layer of thin gouache on archival board, from which forms and textures emerge. These are either brought out with more gouache and oil pastel, accentuating line and color, or left to the richness of the surface color. They are mounted on plywood and either layered as a 2-D or 3-D surface. Some sculptural pieces are made up of pure, organic plywood forms, juxtaposed and layered to develop depth of surface and shadow.

All of my work is very heavily influenced by the elements present in the natural world. I am riding an existential tailwind; the motion of air, water, fire, and the continuity represented by the earth are equally present in my process, as well as the finished work. I reflect on being an invited presence in this natural symphonic universe, made of the same matter and light, equally as complex as the stars.