Facebook Frustrations

Hey facebook users, have you become frustrated with this social network site?  Have you recently noticed a significant drop in your reach numbers of your fan pages and are you seeing less and less of your many of your friend’s posts on the home page feed except for those people whose posts you constantly “like”, share or comment on and other friends seem to have disappeared?  Well, you’re not alone and no, you’re not hallucinating or getting dropped by all your friends (well, maybe some people are but I don’t want to assume that about anyone! 😉  )  This is actually happening thanks to facebook changing algorithms to basically try to force you into buying ad space and boosts to posts if you want the bulk of your friends and fans to be able to see what you’re up to even though they’ve voluntarily “liked” your pages and are following you!

Now to many this might be no big deal but to people like myself who are freelance artists, small businesses and other people who rely on what facedbook initially promised with their services, this is a huge problem!  I know, I know, facebook is free and a private company that can do as they will but they’re also uber-super-duper rich due to all the good folks like us who made facebook what it is today and they’re now going against the initial foundations and promises of what the site was to stand for!  Seems greed is kicking in full force and as usual the new plans and formats seem to cater to bigger businesses and squelch those of us on limited budgets trying to utilize facebook to it’s fullest…and after all, anyone who uses it and links it to other sites, is giving back free promotion in exchange!

Therapy 3 (c)Lauren Curtis

Therapy 3 (c)Lauren Curtis

I first noticed a sudden, major drop in the reach of my art page (link below) posts a couple of months ago…I have over 1500 fans and close to 4,000 friends and was averaging  about 350+ views per fan page post and around 30-60+ “likes” and more comments per profile page post.  Suddenly those numbers seemed to be cut in half even though I was posting more than ever and following all the SEO and marketing rules I could find about interesting content and getting people involved in the best way possible.  I didn’t know what was going on until a friend of mine sent me a link to an article (below) describing the exact same scenario another person was having who has a lot more followers and fans than I do…yet she still saw a huge drop in her post response!  I know that my numbers aren’t huge in the grand scheme of social networking but relatively speaking I’m no slouch, and I work my butt off to not only promote my art but post interesting images and content, and support other people’s pages/groups as well!  Yet, I cannot afford to pay, nor will not, to expand the reach of my pots to people I worked hard to network with and who want to follow my posts yet are being blocked by the very network they’re on!  Yes, facebook is a great service but it’s the people on it that make it a success!

So, now I’m going to cave in and finally join Twitter!  Nothing against Twitter but I’m already on so many different sites I had to draw the line somewhere, but after doing some research the consensus seems to be that Twitter is starting to give facebook a run for their money as far as being a better place for people like me to promote and share our work.  And now that you can post images on Twitter (initially you couldn’t so as an artist that didn’t appeal to me), it has even more appeal for me.   And with services like HootSuite where you can post to multiple sites at once, here I come Twitter!

But don’t take it from me…I posted the link to the article I read so you can judge for yourself and I’d love to hear any comments, feedback and information you have out there in the bloggosphere…please post your comments here and let me know about what you’re experiences are with these sites and if you’re going through the same thing or not…we can all learn more about this ever-changing world wide web!


My art page: http://www.facebook.com/LaurenCurtisArtTalonArt

Not Cyber Mon. but Cyber MONTH

This isn’t a Cyber Monday sale…it’s a 20% off sale on all my original artwork photography & digital photo collages (INCLUDING the X-RAYted series as seen on Oddities!)!!  And this sale runs thru 12/20!!!  Unique, creative gifts with small, signed prints starting at just $20!  Paypal accepted to forestwalker333@hotmail.com!  So, don’t rush to buy mass produced gifts anyone can get everywhere due to the Cyber Monday frenzy…relax & peruse my websites (listed below) & select unique, creative, affordable gifts!  And you’ll be supporting small business/local artists!

HeartRoots (c)Nov.2013 NEW digital photo collage

HeartRoots (c)Nov.2013 NEW digital photo collage

My Business Postcard

My Business Postcard

Also available; original T-shirts, greeting cards & 1-of-a-kind jewelry!!  Cards only $3-$4 ea. + s/h, shirts start at just $20 (includes s/h!), jewelry starts at just $15 + s/h!!  Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping within the continental US…

T-shirt/card design Flyer

T-shirt/card design Flyer

Unique Necklaces

Unique Necklaces

For more images:   http://laurencurtisart.weebly.com




The Great Blog Swap

When Artpromotivate blog founder, Graham Matthews offered artists a chance to be a part of his blog swap I jumped at the chance to be included!  His site is provides great, up-to-date, helpful info for artists and features creatives of all kinds on the site (yours truly included!).  He was kind enough to link my blog to his so I’m returning the favor and highly recommend you check out Artpromotivate!

OK, so here’s the link button…hope it works and shows up as a visual graphic….if not you’ll just see code & I’ll have to attempt to figure out how to get it to display properly, so if that happens, be patient with me!  😉

So, here goes:

<img src=’http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-1ZPaC4F49Yo/UeLkSovl5XI/AAAAAAAAPqc/53ZHy7iuFWA/s1600/art-blog-hop.png’ alt=’Art Blogs’>

MayDay! Art on YouTube, in NJ & more…



"Infinite Layers" art exhibit at Alfa Art Gallery


Join me for the opening reception of this month-long group art show at Alfa Art Gallery,
Thurs. May, 2, 2013, 7pm-10pm,
108 Church St., New Brunswick, NJ.  732-296-6720 
I’ll have several digital photo collages in this exciting exhibit!
"RAYS" traveling NJ art exhibit


A traveling, educational art exhibit focusing on both the helpful and harmful effects of the sun!  This show will be at various locations throughout Somerset and Morris Counties in NJ, April 15 thru June 1, 2013.  For further info.,  email Lucille Y-Talbot of the Regional Chronic Disease Coalition at YTalbot@co.somerset.nj.us or visit www.NancyEdwardsArt.com  or www.xactstudios.com  I have a sunset photo in this exhibit.

Artpromotivate YouTube video

Thanks to Graham Matthews of ARTPROMOTIVATE website/blog
for including me in his new art YouTube video!
Check it out…only a few minutes long
but packed with great art! 

Cattitude T-shirt (c)Lauren Curtis

Original designs, 100% pre-shrunk cotton,
All sizes (kids & adults)
white, gray, black
women’s cut in white
Starting at only $20 ea. (includes s/h!!)
up to $35 ea., depending on size/color/style.
Aradia shirt in black

Paypal accepted to me at
Checks/$-orders to
Lauren Curtis
P.O. Box 193
Franklin Park, NJ  08823

Feel free to contact me
for more info.!

More designs seen here:

Featuring Features; art news & t-shirt time!

X-RAYted Curio-cities postcard
Celebrate the season of re-birth with me and Caladan Gallery.  They’re featuring my SOLO, ONLINE exhibit of my digital photo collage series, X-RAYted Curio-cities,  based on x-rays collaged with other elements.  Since this show is ONLINE you can all view it from the comfort of your home…or anywhere!  Here’s the link http://www.caladangallery.com.  Show is up thru 4/15/13.
  Note: all prices listed on the site INCLUDE framing and s/h!
T-shirt flyer 2013
Now that the warmer weather is making it’s way to us, it’s  time to spruce up your wardrobe with my unique, original T-SHIRTS!  All sizes, adults and kids, women’s cut (white only), 100% pre-shrunk cotton, white, black, gray, starting at only $20 each INCLUDING s/h (extra to ship outside of continental US)!  A few bucks extra for gray, black, XXL and women’s cut.  Paypal accepted to me at forestwalker333@hotmail.com.  Checks & money orders to:
Lauren Curtis, P.O. Box 193, Franklin Park, N J  08873
Feel free to contact me with any questions about the shirts or to place an order.

This month I have several art features on some very interesting blogs and websites!

CHURN alternative arts, music and cultural magazine:

Blaze McRob’s Tales of Horror art & literature site:

Well known herbalist and spiritual inspiration Susun Weed has featured me for the 3rd time on her
Wise Woman website & blog: 


As always, thanks so much for reading & checking out the links!  Until next time…
http://www.LaurenCurtisArt.com(commercial & fine art)
http://www.laurencurtis.imagekind.com(cards, T-shirts, photography, illustration)
https://laurencurtis.wordpress.com  (my Blog!)

http://www.facebook.com/LaurenCurtisArtTalonArt(Facebook Fan Page)

Art SPRINGS to Life

Happy Spring…even if it does NOT feel like it…in NJ at least.  But I know Mother Nature will come through soon and send some warmer weather.  And in honor of this season of re-birth, I’m in some spring art exhibits….one is in Morristown, NJ & the other is ONLINE so you ALL can see it from the comfort of your cozy homes.

First up is the RITES OF SPRING, juried, group show hosted by the Arts Council of the Morris Area at Gallery at 14 Maple, Morristown, NJ.  This exciting show opens Wednesday, 3/27/13, 6-8pm.  Come visit this amazing green gallery space where everything is constructed of natural, recycled materials and there’s even an indoor vertical garden going through the center of the building!  One of my X-RAYted digital photo collages is in this show.

Rites of Spring Postcard

Rites of Spring Postcard

My solo, online show features many of my digital photo collages from my X-RAYted series.  The show will be up until 4/15/13 on Caladan Gallery‘s website: http://www.CaladanGallery.com  Thanks to gallery director Marjorie Kaye for giving me this opportunity!  Since this is online I hope you’ll all take a minute to check it out and post any comments here on my blog.   A note…all the prices for my work in this show INCLUDE framing and s/h/insurance!!

Caladan Gallery Solo Show Postcard_Mar2013

Caladan Gallery Solo Show Postcard_Mar2013

Thanks for reading and looking forward to seeing you at an event or reading your comments!


CHURN out the Art

Social networking does work and it’s great when you make connections that really click!  I connected with artist/Churn Magazine guru Jeff Monje via LinkedIn and right away he was kind enough to feature me in his art zine!  So, of course, I invited him to be a guest blogger here to return the favor and so he could share his inspiration with you as to how he developed his project.  So, here’s what he has to say…check out CHURN…you won’t be disappointed!




My name is Jeff Monje,  ARTIST & Founder of CHURN,
an ART, Music & fashion magazine . I created CHURN back in 1999 out of S.F. after graduating from the San Fransisco Art Institute with a B.A. in painting. Once out of school I quickly realized that promoting & selling your own artwork was more difficult than I had imagined. It was also apparent that many other artists were in the same situation, and after reflecting upon this I decided to take action and do something completely new to me…Publishing my own art magazine so there would be a vehicle of promotion on a much larger scale with more opportunities to sell my work as well as the opportunity for others to sell theirs too.  CHURN , an Art, Music & Fashion was then launched. The main idea behind the magazine besides being entertaining and informative was to help up & coming artists, musicians & fashion designers etc who didn’t get the exposure they deserved.  It was this ” Collective Community” approach  that was employed so as to help struggling artisans get work seen & sold.
We  experimented with different art/ music related subjects and interviews in the magazine to dig deeper in to the minds of the creators so that the audience would get a better appreciation of who these people are and why they are extremely important to the world. Artists, Musicians etc..are one part of humanity that glues the rest together. Having been at the magazine for years and after a hiatus of more than 12 years I decided to bring CHURN magazine back to the public in 2012 because so much is happening in the art / music scene and world that it was important enough to re-promote the creators. I will be doing the magazine for as long as I’m alive.  We welcome the world to submit their best!


CHURN titles john brophy

A bit more about Churn:
CHURN is an INDEPENDENT Publication Founded in 1999 -2000 out of S.F., California by Artist Jeff Monje. We stopped printing CHURN after issue #6 but have recently re-launched our publication online and in print coming out with issue #7 featuring World class artist John Brophy on the cover .We have featured some HUGE names in the Art / Music scene for a small run press. The goal from the beginning has never wavered. We want to help as many brilliant Artists, Musicians, Writers ,Theater Performers and Fashion Designers and more get the visibility they deserve through another venue .
WE WELCOME THE ARTISANS & MUSICIANS OF THE WORLD to submit your works for print and online!