How your story & archetype effect your brand

So many of us entrepreneurs have trouble with the concept of marketing our “brand“, or what our business portrays to the public,  so I thought it would be helpful to post this fascinating article on the subject by my long time friend and “Renaissance Woman Extraordinaire”, Conny Jasper.
Conny is a writer, marketing Guru, creative person…the list goes on…and here is her article to help you grow your business, whatever it may be. For more information or to contact her, her web link is at the end of the article.
Conny Jasper, August 2014

Conny Jasper, August 2014

Your Brand, Your Story, Your Archetype
Images and stories have always been a part of human culture. They have also been used to convince people to think and act in certain ways. For instance, rulers throughout history have known and employed the power of imagery and storytelling to achieve their goals for their regime. Additionally, the old medicine show gave people a song and a dance before selling their wares.
With the widespread use of media, merchants made use of these avenues with catchy slogans, songs, pictures, and mascots. Every brand symbolizes something. In particular, archetypes are patterns of thought and behavior that influence your presentation and activities. How you identify yourself and your brand are important aspects of marketing and sales.
The following are 12 of the most popular archetypes:
1. Hero –
The hero is a rescuer or winner, the one who commits courageous acts and defies all odds to champion a cause and/or achieve greatness. Every product or service fulfills the hero archetype, because it is your brand that saves the day. When someone has a need, it is your brand that fulfills that niche.
2. Seeker –
The seeker, however, is an archetype that exemplifies a quest for some knowledge or thing that will provide a sense of fulfillment or accomplishment. The quest is not followed for heroic purposes but to gain understanding or improvement. When your brand personifies this archetype, you are providing ongoing assistance in your customer’s pursuit of goals.
3. Guardian –
Preserving and upholding the safety of the group and/or time honored customs is the role of this archetype. The guardian is the protector or caretaker of others or of traditions and values. A brand that characterizes this role exhibits responsibility and duty to the service of caring for others and keeping them safe.
4. Mentor –
The mentor is the teacher or guide who supports and encourages learning and development. This archetype is a leader who embodies experience and knowledge. Your product or service symbolizes the mentor when you offer ongoing solutions that lead the customer to his or her goals.
5. Messenger –
The messenger brings news or offers predictions to others. A brand that demonstrates this archetype delivers information and forecasts. Your product or service provides a way for people to gain useful knowledge, understanding, and/or returns on their investments.
6. Trickster –
Playing games and making jokes are the domains of the trickster. This archetype must be performed well in order to be effective. The use of cunning and wit must be crafted and delivered with finesse. The trickster has many guises including the comedian, the magician, and the game player.
7. Orphan –
The orphan is the abandoned child, the stray dog, the lost soul. This archetype is exposed early to the hazards of life and forced to find independence. The orphan gains strength from adapting and meeting the challenges of hardship. A brand that adopts the symbolism of this pattern gains a powerful advantage in the marketplace, because it appeals to us on many different levels.
8. Magician –
Making things happen in an organized way is the domain of the magician. The magician makes it all look smooth and easy, while behind the scenes, it took blood, sweat, and tears to perfect it. When your brand embodies the magician, it changes a situation and provides some relief, even if it is only momentary.
9. Warrior –
The warrior is an archetype that embodies strength, confidence, and resolve. When your brand expresses these qualities, you have a powerful focus and a great sense of intent. However, this energy needs to be exercised with caution and judgment, because the drive for conquest can overpower the original purpose. A superb warrior chooses his or her battles wisely.
10. Ruler –
Leadership and responsibility are the domains of the ruler. This archetype has a vision and the resources to achieve these aspirations. A brand that personifies this archetype provides guidance and keeps others on track. The ruler provides the expertise, the ability to delegate, and the background to influence others.
11. Healer –
The healer is the caretaker, the one who provides support. A brand that personifies this archetype transforms pain into well-being. Your product or service provides relief from the burden of discomfort or stress and assures your customers that all is well. This is an archetype that gives people hope.
12. Villain –
Every story has a villain, the scoundrel who threatens to foil the plan or who must be stopped from wrong-doing. In marketing, the villain represents the problem that has to be overcome, and your product or service is the solution that conquers the villain. Otherwise, your brand may play the role of the bad boy, the underdog, or the outsider.