Get Twisted with my new Guest Blogger!

Hello! How’s your 2011 going so far? Well, I hope…and full of creativity and new ideas! Speaking of which, a friend of mine who has curated a couple of art shows I did at Artisanal Tattoo Studio in Somerville, NJ, started a cool, new art group called Twisted Peppermint & I invited her to guest blog about it…read on & get involved!

Twisted Peppermint

Each person is a work of art. Our lives are a work of art and we are the artists. I am art. You are art. Imagine if we were raised believing this. How would we live our lives? How would we act towards others? If we understood that our every action and how we choose to express ourselves is what makes up the entire tapestry of this world, do you think it would be different? I do and that is why I started Twisted Peppermint.

Twisted Peppermint was born out of a group I started called The Famous Living Dead Brigade. That group was started because I felt the need to add beauty to the world via art and mostly via costuming and performance art. Eventually I decided I wanted to help people see the art in themselves and to express themselves using art and Twisted Peppermint was born. I guess you could say that it is an umbrella company for all of my projects. The FLDB being one and Project: I Am Art being another. While it houses these projects it is also intended to help to manage and promote artists from all backgrounds and especially to encourage art as a form of expression for any emotion. Sometimes it is hard to explain because of its many facets. I get kind of tongue tied and find myself overwhelmed because I believe that with this company I can do so many things, it is hard to pinpoint its sole purpose. So I prefer to say it does not have a sole purpose, but a soul purpose.

My experiences in life have made me want to help others in a way to show them that they don’t have to allow those negative experiences to control their lives. Whether it is abuse, depression, etc., I believe art can help. I like to encourage people to make art to express those feelings in place of possibly hurting themselves, or hurting others. Twisted Peppermint also provides a way for people who feel outside of the “norm” to find each other and to know they have a place where they can be who they are, fearlessly and that they are not alone. With this idea, I like to incorporate art. This falls under mostly the FLDB and I Am Art aspects of Twisted Peppermint. So far we have seen people who costume, people sing, do photography, drawing, painting, writing, etc. It has been a great way to show the world our inner and outer beauty and help to make the world a better place.

As far as managing and promoting artists, that is something I like to do myself. Helping artists find outlets for their art, get it out there, get it seen, heard, whatever their art is, I think everyone deserves a chance. I have put art shows on at Artisanal Tattoo in Somerville, NJ and I am currently looking for other venues as well. Promotion wise I have promoted artists, bands and writers through grassroots promoting techniques and sometimes even through the use of the FLDB and I Am Art projects. Twisted Peppermint does not adhere to the standard ideas of what art is, whatever they might be. I do not think anyone can solidly define art, and therefore it shouldn’t be attempted. Art comes in many forms and genres and from many places. It is an ever-changing event rather than a solid artifact.

Art can also save lives. Therapeutically art has been used for a long time to help people to heal. While Twisted Peppermint does not house therapists, it does encourage using art as a form of therapy for oneself and also using your art to help bring awareness to community issues. In the past we have helped to raise money for AIDS Walk NY and currently are working to raise money for RAINN.

Even though the company itself started in 2008, we are only getting started with our possibilities and seeing where we can go with our ideas. Hopefully it will grow and become more than I had ever imagined, but for now I am very happy with what I have done and what I have planned for us to do as a company.

Artists who are interested in working with Twisted Peppermint can contact us at our website:

Keep in mind that we are still finding out what we are capable of so even if you have a new idea, we are very open to hearing it and possibly working with you to see it happen!

(aka Lady Anarchy)