A Comic Book Revolution

One great thing about the internet is how easily we can connect with other creative and like-minded people!  I recently made a connection via LinkedIn with Bob Coar, a unique comic book creator.  I liked his original perspective on current topics and political issues and also enjoyed the artistic style of the illustrations.  So, I invited him to be my latest guest blogger & share some insight into his revolutionary world of comics…..


Tim Burton Retrospective

Since this is an art blog, I don’t want it to be just about my own artwork but artists that influence me, creative friends and inspirational finds. So, I’m wondering if anyone has seen the Tim Burton Retrospective at the MOMA in NYC? I LOVE Burton’s work, from his early books and short films to the well-known classics (especially Nightmare Before Christmas!) I’m looking forward to seeing how these works developed, particularly the puppetry and early sketches.

Like another of my all-time favorite artists/writers, Eduard Gorey (who I had the pleasure of speaking to on the phone not too long before he died), I’m greatly influenced by the gothic, darkly humorous style of these artists and I definitely want to visit the MOMA to view the Burton show. I’m wondering if anyone else reading this has seen it yet and what you think of it…so drop me a line if you have thoughts on this! Thanks!