Witchy works in writing; Guest Author Annie Frame

Greetings Readers!  As many of you know, I often like to feature other creative professionals on my art blog to keep you guys on your toes…and spread the word about what other people are working on in the arts!  So, today’s guest blogger, Annie Frame, is sharing blurbs about her witchy, mysterious novels.  Read & enjoy!

Imprint by Annie Frame. Published with Pegasus Publishers available from all good bookshops worldwide.
Imprint is a story that will take you on a journey of reincarnation. The pages contain the journal of an ancient witch called Hercularrose who is dead and has been dead many times. The old crone needs to explore the lives she has lived on earth to enable her to evolve in the heavens she resides in. While she does this she openly shares her deepest thoughts and feelings with the reader.
The Quiet Road by Annie Frame. Published with Pegasus available from all good bookshops worldwide.
The author takes the reader on a journey in to the mind of another.  Murder, mystery and suspense surround an aging police chief as he battles to solve a number of horrific murders. His real world begins to dissolve as facts start to present themselves and there is little he can do to stop fate delivering itself.
You will love hate and weep for those on The Quiet Road……
Author Annie Frame is now offering copies of Imprint and The Quiet Road for competition/give-a-ways. 
Interested? Email Annie at kjframe2@aol.com