Can you SEE ME?

There are many online art competitions these days but this one is very cool…and totally legit!  SEE/ME allows artists to post a free portfolio and get supporters (no money involved) to give us a chance at awards and to have our work seen on huge, electronic billboards in Times Square, NYC!

So…Will you support my artwork on See/ME?? Please visit my new See Me art page & click the SUPPORT button on the right side of my page, next to my artist statement, under this X-ray art image:

Micro/Macrocom Tree (c)2010 Lauren Curtis

Digital photo collage using actual x-ray images.

You can do it via your FB profile so you don’t have to join the site!
Much appreciated….trying to get my work to Times Square!   You can also click on each of the images in my profile and LIKE them in facebook and PIN them in Pinterest.  Here’s the link:

Thanks so much for your support!!