The Great Blog Swap

When Artpromotivate blog founder, Graham Matthews offered artists a chance to be a part of his blog swap I jumped at the chance to be included!  His site is provides great, up-to-date, helpful info for artists and features creatives of all kinds on the site (yours truly included!).  He was kind enough to link my blog to his so I’m returning the favor and highly recommend you check out Artpromotivate!

OK, so here’s the link button…hope it works and shows up as a visual graphic….if not you’ll just see code & I’ll have to attempt to figure out how to get it to display properly, so if that happens, be patient with me!  😉

So, here goes:

<img src=’’ alt=’Art Blogs’>

My Facebook Feature

Hello again, Creatives!  I know it’s not “appropriate blogging” to have people go to a link away from your blog in the beginning of a post but this is an exception!  ARTPROMOTIVATE has featured my Facebook art fan page on their site this week so they deserve some hits,  plus I hope it encourages you to visit, share & LIKE my fan page!  It has a lot of my new artwork, t-shirt and greeting card designs,  one-of-a-kind jewelry and more!  I also post questions about people’s creative processes to encourage artistic conversation so join me there and join or start a conversation!

Here’s the link to my feature which will take you to my Facebook page (I’m the 2nd of 2 features on the page).

See you on Facebook!