Barcelona in Black & White

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I know it’s been a couple of months since I got back from Barcelona but I’m still working on some of the 200 photos I shot during my trip to this beautiful city. Although Barcelona is FULL of color, and most of the photos I took utilized color film to capture this, I LOVE shooting in B&W film, especially when it comes to some of the gothic architecture in European cities.

So, I shot some B&W 35mm Ilford film, which gives a more grainy, “antique” look to the photos and am very happy with the results. I chose the famous cathedral, Sagrada Familia, to use this film as not only does it have the organic, dripping style of Gaudi, but a geometric, skeletal style of other famous Spanish architects as well. The photo here is a close up of the Gaudi towers located on one side of the structure. You can see some of the cranes and scaffolding since a lot of reconstruction is being done to preserve this amazing cathedral. I took this photo from the inside of the church, which is all stone and cement…this was taken from behind one of the many long, narrow stone openings in one of the towers.

More to come soon…
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Barcelona Blog: Photo essay of this gorgeous city.

Hola! Although I returned from beautiful Barcelona, Spain a few weeks ago, I’ve been busy working on the 200 35mm & digital photographs I shot during my trip. Now, I finally have some ready to share with you, so figured I’d make a mini on-line blog exhibit with some of my favorite images…so off we go to Barcelona!

When I visited this gorgeous city, during late May, the weather was perfect and actually warmer than usual for the time of year (in the high 80’s). There was a cool breeze off the blue-green Mediterranean Sea, which was walking distance from the center of the city. I’ve included photos of the tons of huge fishing boats along the docks as well as the modern boardwalk where people hang out and watch the water and socialize. I was so impressed by how clean Barcelona is and how it’s filled with modern sculpture and ornate architecture including the famous Art Nouveau structures by artists such as Gaudi. One of my favorite buildings of his is the Casa Battlo, which is like walking under the sea, in the body of a great ocean creature…there are NO angles in his buildings…all organic curves…like something out of a fantasy film!

I also visited Gaudi’s Park Guell which was entirely decorated in mosaics and dripping archways, tunnels and spires to accompany the lush palm trees (I saw wild green parrots making nests in them!) and other native plant-life. Street performers are common to see in Barcelona & I watched the talented puppeteer in the photos below at the entrance of the park. You can also see some amazing performers in elaborate costumes along La Rambla in the center of town. This is a wide, long stretch of a brick & mosaic walkway where street performers of all types congregate, cafes and little shops selling everything from birds to plants to souvenirs line the path. It’s a central meeting place/hang out that’s busy at all hours of the day or night, as are many of the huge, palm-lined squares in the city.

Another highlight are the churches and cathedrals, like the amazingly ornate Cathedral of Barcelona. But the most impressive is the world-famous Art Nouveau structure, Sagrada Familia (Sacred Family) Cathedral. Another of Gaudi’s masterpieces, it’s like 3 churches melded into one as there were a few architects who designed this structure. Gaudi’s section contains huge, dripping towers and elaborate sculpture & words carved onto every surface, while the rest is very angular and modern with geometric spires and brilliant stained glass windows. It was a 2 hour wait to get inside and walk the huge, narrow towers to the top, but totally worth it!!

These are just a few of the amazing sites I experienced in Barcelona…I hope to put together a complete exhibit with the photos I shot there, especially the abstract, artistic qualities found in structures all over the city, so stay tuned for more info. on that. But in the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy this blog as a small glimpse of Barcelona.

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Thanks for reading and enjoy your Summer!!
All images (c)May 2010 Lauren Curtis