Art & Music Working Together

Finding work is tough these days…especially for us artsy types!  So, as a full time visual artist I’ve learned that you have to be creative not only in your work but in LOOKING for work!  You need to expand your ideas of how your services can be utilized in ways you might not have thought of before.  That’s why years ago I started designing my own lines of greeting cards and t-shirts as well as designing them for companies and individuals.  This lead me to finding other alternative ways my art skills could be useful to new clients.  I also design logos and marketing materials  which lead to working with some musicians.

I first did a big art/music CD/DVD project with musician Mark Sheppard from the UK and we produced a successful CD that features two different slide shows of my paintings and photography accompanied by original music composed by Mark.  For a preview of this (& they are available to order for $15 each + s/h…Paypal accepted!) go to:

We wanted a product that was both visual and musical, artsy and technological.  We’ve since sold many copies in the US & UK which lead to another similar project when NJ musician Mark Bodino purchased a CD at one of my art shows…he liked the work so much he has since hired me to design all his new CD covers as well as supplying the artwork and design for his newest video from his band Broken Darling for their song “The Love You Bring”.  All of the nature and cemetery statue photographs are my work and I also designed the title and closing pages.  Then, via email as we had worked together on our own project, Mark Sheppard organized all the images and produced the video with all the effects.    Here’s the final result:

A few years ago I would never have thought that doing photography and graphic design work would lead to two video/music/art collaboration projects that involved working with someone across the pond but these experiences have been so much fun, educational and provide income!  And I have to say the two Marks are fantastic to work with, which is rare when it comes to multiple artists trying to work together on one project…I mean we do tend to be emotional, sensitive and opinionated!  LOL.

I hope you enjoy these collaborations and that if you’re looking for someone to work with on a similar project you’ll consider hiring me…or that this inspires your own creativity!

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