My Sound of Art DVD on TV!

My friend & UK musician, Mark Sheppard, & I created a music/art DVD/CD last year and it’s been getting rave reviews! Now it’s being featured on an episode of the art/spirituality TV show out of California, Bridging Heaven & Earth!
To see the episode (#243), here’s the link & info:

TWO Magical New Bridging Shows with Panache Desai and John Sherman Now Available Worldwide 24/7



Great news….our two new Bridging Shows # 245 and # 243 with world-renowned spiritual teachers, Panache Desai and John Sherman, along with the amazing videos of Lauren Curtis, Mark Sheppard, Shawn Galloway, Nina Goncharova, and Lessia and the magical art manifestations of Greg McGrath, Irene Bendykowski, Shirl Lee, and Daniel Holeman, are now up and available worldwide……

We think they’re just magnificent and joyous……….
it’s all very, very exciting……
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