Jauntie; an oddly beautiful new zine

JAUNTIE: Not your typical fashion zine;  culture & style both classic & oddly beautiful!

Hopefully some of you remember that I used to have a monthly feature in the online zine LNGnails.com.  Well, things change and after a long run,  that site is no more but one of the former producers & friends have started a better, brand-new on line magazine called JAUNTIE!  Based out of the UK, this publication/blog not only focuses on the classic beauty and fashion themes and trends but also strives for something different!  Unique styles, creative fashion, art and culture are just some of the topics you’ll find in JAUNTIE and I was honored to be asked to write a monthly column about my own artwork and original style (including my real, 18+ inch fingernails!).

Me & my nails

Me & my nails

With all the focus on Hollywood trends,  UNreal reality shows and anorexic models it’s refreshing to see a zine that goes beyond these stereotypes and pushes the limit!  So I hope you’ll check out my Halloween post this month in JAUNTIE:

Please give it some LIKES and leave some COMMENTS on the website!  Thanks for reading and I’ll have an Autumn-themed art feature in next month’s issue!

Happy Reading,