Hi again, Readers!  Today I’d like to offer you this very helpful blog from guest blogger Melissa Wolf…as artists we all feel very  comfortable with paints and brushes and pencils but not all of us are as comfortable with technology (I have gotten better over the years but it was intimidating at first!).  So, here are some pointers about digital images:
The digital image is something artists really need to wrap their minds around.  It can, however, seem daunting and confusing.  Here are a few tips to help you overcome that and even have some fun with it.
There are two basic things artists need to know about.  Pixels and image formats.   A digital image is like a mosaic, made of of tiny tiles called Pixels.  Each one is a single color.  There are many image formats but the three that artists need to focus on are .jpg, .gif and .tiff.
The differences are the resolution and the amount of pixels each one comprises of.  .tif or .tiff or RAW are all the same thing and it’s known as a non-compression format.  .jpg or .jpeg is a “lossy compression” which means that every time you edit and save it you lose pixels but it does compress the image which makes it ideal for the internet.  Each of the above have millions of colors to chose from.  Lastly there is .gif which is perfect for simple animation but has only 250 colors to choose from.  Those are the very basics of digital images.  To learn more visit:
About Melissa Wolf
Melissa Wolf is the Director of The Artists Objective, a career coaching, website design and information service for artists.  She is also the Director of Melissa Wolf Fine Arts, an online gallery featuring the best art on the internet.  Formerly Melissa Wolf was the Founder and Executive Director of Women’s Studio Center in Long Island City, NY for 10 years.  She has a Certificate in Arts Administration from New York University and received a Certificate of Merit from the New York State Assembly, via Hon. Catherine Nolan, for her work with artists.