A Winter Gift of Healing; Reiki & Relaxation

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!  I’d like to wish you all a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Happy New Year, Blessed Winter Solstice….did I leave anything out?  Whatever you celebrate (or don’t) I hope this coming year will bring you peace, love and prosperity!  And we all know that despite the fact that this is supposed to be a joyous time it’s also one filled with stress and sometimes depression and anxiety.  So, that’s why I invited my long-time friend Robert (Bob) Volinsky to be a guest blogger about his Reiki/ Holistic Energy Work practice.  I feel this will provide you with some helpful insights as to how to take the stress out of this season and heal yourself in a natural way.  Bob has been practicing these therapies for many years and is a caring, skilled healer.  Now, in his words….

Reiki: A Winter Remedy
The season of winter is upon us which marks the shortest day and darkest time of the year. Our bodies crave the light and warmth of the sun. While our neighbors, friends and perhaps we ourselves run around with year end craziness, our sanity and health rest in the stillness our spirits crave during this time. Most are familiar with the effect of short days with little sunlight on the human system. Light is fuel to the soul. It has biochemical reactions with our bodies that create hormones that effect our moods and attitude. Light warms the body, keeps it supple and flexible. During winter, some experience a lack of energy or even symptoms of depression from the lack of light. Finding light, or being in the sun can help relieve some of these symptoms.
Stillness is the other key to balance during the winter. The hibernation which takes place around us in nature, invites us to retreat inside ourselves as well. The deep rest and recharging that can happen now is the underlying fuel that can bring us into the warmer seasons with vitality. When we don’t take the time to rest and be internal during winter, we can feel stiff in our bodies or lack flexibility. We can become irritable and impatient and feel exhausted. Deep rest and relaxation can soften these negative effects.
As an energy worker and bodyworker, I have found  Reiki to be an amazing resource at this time, providing a way to restore balance by providing light energy and stillness. Reiki is a simple form of hands-on-healing that comes to us from Japan. The word Reiki is often translated as “universal life force energy.” A session is literally an infusion of life force and an infusion of light and allows  energy and light to reach deep within us and restore our body and soul on a core level.
A Reiki session will leave you feeling deeply restored. A simple yet profound stillness opens up during a treatment that is replenishing and restful. The energy warms and soothes the body.
I am a Reiki practitioner, but I can vouch for it’s benefits personally. I used to suffer from depression and lethargy, and a general lack of vitality during winter and other months. These symptoms caused me to begin to look for natural resources to help me feel better. That’s when I happened upon Reiki which immediately began to awaken my body, lift my spirits and rebuild my sense of balance and strength. My excitement about the results is what ultimately moved me to become a Reiki teacher over 15 years ago. And I’ve become quite passionate about helping others to find and receive Reiki’s many benefits.
Robert Volinsky, BA LMT is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master and Regression Therapist.  He works in private practice in New York City in the Union Square area. He is a faculty member at the Swedish Institute for Health Sciences where he teaches Shiatsu, and Ethics for Bodyworkers. He also teaches Reiki privately.
It has always been my goal to help my clients to feel more comfort and ease in their bodies and become more fully alive and free in who they are. Bodywork and energywork are a creative and spiritual practice for me in that each moment with a client is new and unexplored. It is important to ask, “what is the most that can happen in this moment” every time a session begins. Each session, each moment offers unique possibilities that are available then and only then. Part of my job is to tap into what that is and facilitate it’s unfolding in conjunction with the clients goals.
Through my own life experience, journey with self healing and study, I’ve come upon many techniques that have been useful to me and I enjoy sharing them with the clients I get to work with.  By tuning in and listening to what is present, and tapping in to that ineffable place within us that creativity unfolds from, I let the session unfold. By choosing the best technique, or combination of techniques for each client, I can get out of the way and let the session unfold. There is a bit of trust in that. A knowing that the session is being done “through me” not by me. I am often left in a state of wonder from the alchemy that follows. And in that sense, it can be a deeply spiritual experience for both client and me.
To me the power of a good session, and the effectiveness of a good treatment is about trust. Trust that the moment will reveal exactly what is needed. And the wisdom to know that Trust is all you need. The rest will follow, and the technique flows naturally.

Celebrating a Wise Woman & Herbal Pioneer!

Greetings! Some of you might already be familiar with herbal wise woman and pioneer, Juliette de Bairacli Levy but for those who aren’t, she’s a fascinating woman and Susun Weed & Wise Woman are helping to celebrate and honor her life and achievements!
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Spend a Week at the Sea of Galilee with the Grandmother of Herbal Medicine

 I want to share with you a wonderful book by Juliette de Bairacli Levy, the Grandmother of Herbal Medicine – Summer in Galilee.  You’ll find Juliette and her two toddlers irresistible as they explore the Sea of Galilee (in the modern State of Israel) together.  Summer in Galilee includes an herbal index by Susun Weed, photos from Juliette’s archives, and stories that will stay with you forever.  Timely, filled with historical tales and emotional adventures, Summer in Galilee is a classic that is passed from hand to hand, generation to generation.

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You will hold your breath as Juliette dares to traverse the forbidden militarized zone around the Jordan River in pursuit of a personal communion with this holiest of lands.

You’ll thrill as she and her children discover ancient treasure, be fascinated as she visits the tombs of  Jewish mystics, and, perhaps, scream in terror as she is visited in the dark of night by an enormous snake – only to breathe a sigh of relief when she is saved by her faithful Afghan hound. 

Juliette vividly describes her visit to a Bedouin village, and the trouble this causes, both in the kibbutz where she lives and among the Bedouins. But with keen wit, steely nerve, and kind heart, she manages to please everyone, including her readers, as she saves the day and mends frayed tempers.

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Bright Blessings!
Lauren & Wise Woman

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